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Getting Down With The Cool Kids

Friday Ephemera

Micro-actuators of note. (h/t, Damian) // Maslow 2.0 // The cunning stunts of Buster Keaton. // Attention, barren women. Prepare to be overjoyed. // Yes, it’s big and pink. What are you going to do about it? // Sketching perspective with the help of elastic. // The trees of Slope Point, New Zealand. // Arrange your succulents pleasingly. // Why voices squeak during puberty. // How to look punk, 1977. // A brief geographical history of the Roman Empire. // 80s knitwear of note. Avert your eyes. // No, like this. // “Notice that wall.”// Coral, accelerated. // Hummingbird courtship. // Aerodynamic cycling. // Things old people do. // Somewhat imperfect designs. // Drops of water. // The perils of self-service checkouts. // And finally, forgetfully, it’s a good job his wife has skillz.