Getting Down With The Cool Kids
But Not All Feminists, Apparently

Nailing Sensitivity Into Your Tiny Mind

Dave Huber at The College Fix reports

The University of Michigan unveiled a five-year Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plan on Thursday to which the school will commit $125 million.

All other possible uses of said money having been exhausted, presumably. What with the investment in a $13,000 vibrating nap machine for the soothing of emotionally fatigued students. And the $400,000 spent on relocating one tree

According to the Michigan Daily

The university is piloting a culture training programme for students that will ultimately include the entire freshman class in five years. The training will require a preliminary assessment to evaluate the students’ cultural sensitivity levels.

WrongThought™ will be detected. Worldviews will be harmonised. Intrusive condescension will be the norm.

Participants will receive a unique training programme based on assessment results targeting specific areas for cultural development. At the end, students must take a follow-up assessment and receive a certificate for completion.

The university’s “strategic plan” for “diversity, equity and inclusion” tells us that the political correction on offer is “increasingly in demand… among employers,” and that “the ultimate goal” is to subject “all incoming students” to this or similar corrective processing. The document also boasts of encouraging “many voices.” Though as the stated object is to “shift cultural perspectives” and to “adapt” any behaviour deemed insufficiently sensitive and therefore improper, readers may wonder whether diversity of opinion will be the ultimate result.