Elsewhere (220)
An Unusual Bulging

Friday Ephemera

Click and listen. // Cats wearing hats made from their own hair. An allergy nightmare but a fashion triumph. // For a limited time only. // Valaida croons, gets groovy. // Incongruity. // Swapperoo is a game. // “For everyday essentials, like brandy, teabags and Tupperware.” // The Fondoodler also has a “cheese propulsion valve.” // What fungus does in the dark. // This. // That. // A bit of the other. // Canned whole chicken. Because it can be done. // Educators of note. // So ladies, is this ageism or body-shaming? // “When the bass drops, so does the dance floor.” // OK Go. // On poverty misconceived. // The things you can do with some laser-cut paper and patience. // More joys of public transport. // And finally, “Cherry pits and one hazelnut were visible with the naked eye.”