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November 04, 2016


Boatswain's Mate

First (and new -- aloha, y'all).

Boatswain's Mate

I remember Morgan Freeman as "Easy Reader" from the PBS show The Electric Company when I was a wee one.

Boatswain's Mate

(Button sequence initiated)


a searchable historical compendium of coarse and vulgar English.

Martha, will you show her where we keep the, uh, euphemism?

Rob Anzac

Street Eels - from a while ago so maybe seen before. Most of the (proper) bad words used.

"Cheap feed"


Fun with fuel

John D

This... http://badkidsjokes.tumblr.com/post/147234729110/in-chinese

...is one of these. http://badkidsjokes.tumblr.com/


Mixing paint.



Morning, all.

First (and new -- aloha, y’all).

[ Slides bowl of trail mix along bar, followed by cocktail menu. ]

Oh, and here’s an x-ray of a pregnant dog.


And according to Everyday Feminism, you should feel sorry for people who can’t vote because they’re criminals or illegal immigrants.





I think we've mentioned the above lunatic before.


I think we’ve mentioned the above lunatic before.

Yes, Ms Abramovic cropped up briefly here.

Incidentally, I gather she’s been upsetting people by saying unflattering things about Australian aboriginals.


a searchable historical compendium of coarse and vulgar English.

I've learned a lot this morning.


I’ve learned a lot this morning.

It’s personal growth.


And according to Everyday Feminism, you should feel sorry for people who can’t vote because they’re criminals or illegal immigrants.

Everyday Feminism's comics: as dogmatic as Chick Cartoon Tracks, but oddly devoid of the latter's unintentional humor.


but oddly devoid of the latter’s unintentional humor.

I suppose that depends on how grim your sense of humour is.

R. Sherman

Because I know your readers have eclectic tastes, a soccer--excuse me--football game of note. Some of us might conceivably have a rooting interest.


a searchable historical compendium of coarse and vulgar English.

badger n.2
[19C] (US) a chamberpot; thus the badger fight, pulling the badger, a practical joke whereby an innocent is lured into a hoax fight between a dog and a badger but ends up being splashed by the contents of a chamberpot.

I didn't know that.


I didn’t know that.

See also, growl at the badger and badger-gassing. Two events that probably shouldn’t occur at the same time.

Well, I say that. You never know.

Tim Newman

I think this is what having kids must be like.


Soccer is a perfectly good English word; it's only in the last couple of decades when some sort of linguistic snobbery has started deprecating it, and even that is, I get the impression, dieing off. Of course, proper football allows one to pick up the ball and run. But not to wears helmets or throw the ball forward...

R. Sherman

"Soccer" is a perfectly good English word.

Depending upon the officiating today, I may be referring to the "course and vulgar" resource listed above.

Boatswain's Mate

The Beach Boys were contaminated with "beach privilege," and their tunes never "helped anyone toward self-determination or achieving their social rights." Who knew, eh?



The latest ephemera from Wikileaks appears to be that some of the Clinton's people participated in "spirit cooking", an activity which may have originated as a form of occultism, but has since then degraded into the kind of paint-walls-with-blood-and-breast-milk modern art featured on this blog.

More as the matter develops and the hysteria settles.

Tim Newman

Soccer is a perfectly good English word; it's only in the last couple of decades when some sort of linguistic snobbery has started deprecating it, and even that is, I get the impression, dieing off.

Agreed. There were plenty of British football magazines aimed at teenagers in the 1970s and 1980s that used the term soccer, one even had that as its title.


There were plenty of British football magazines aimed at teenagers in the 1970s and 1980s that used the term soccer,

Reminds me of the time a school friend asked me if I wanted to trade my Mighty World of Marvel annual for a Roy of the Rovers annual.

Oh how I laughed.


Linking this from Ace, the Atlantic has descended into madness. Or at least, Award Winning Mascot Author Chimamanda Adichie (R) has.

"The people who love Hillary Clinton know that the IT system at the State Department is old and stodgy, nothing like a Blackberry's smooth whirl."

Just reading that, I can taste some kind of meringue and smell blood. Am I having a stroke?


Seemed apt.


Incidentally, if anyone has trouble with comments not appearing, email me and I’ll rattle the spam filter. She’s a temperamental beast.


They pick off the weak ones first.



It is amazing that Morgan Freeman can be cool and at the same time holding a sign that has correct spelling and punctuation.

Philip Daniel

A chorale prelude that is most likely not by J. S. Bach but by one of his students, that I adore anyway... http://allofbach.com/en/bwv/bwv-740/

Also, though am I sh*t compared to the Great Bach, I'll use this as an opportunity to self-promote: https://soundcloud.com/philip_daniel




Hi all... I'm just kicking back with my Saturday morning (6:44 am, 11/5) coffee taking a few moments to here to read and catch up.

It is so much calmer to be in Tokyo away from the Crazy Year in America leading up to the election.

Carry on!


What sorcery is this, madam? Are you a witch from the future?

Fred the Fourth

Hell, David, who cares if she's a witch. She's from the FUTURE! Ask her what today's closing price on APPL or IBM or ORCL is going to be, for god's sake! Those henchlesbians have to be paid somehow, you know.


Hey, I may be from the future, but I'm having a real hard time understanding why the Harvard soccer team has been suspended for a whole season for engaging in normal male behavior...

hell, gossiping about the attractiveness and sexual desirability of the opposite sex is what BOTH sexes engage in.


Every time I believe the Left has reached peak absurdity with their anti-male Puritanism, they outdo themselves.

Fred the Fourth

Darleen: the charitable view goes like this:

This is something.
Let's do that.

It's not hard logic to follow, if you can convince yourself you're dealing with two-year-old mentalities.

Me? I think they are taking actions like this out of malice and power-hunger, not because they are stupid. See also: Duke LaCrosse, U-Va fraternities.


I think they are taking actions like this out of malice and power-hunger, not because they are stupid.

Agreed, and part of the strategy is to pathologize normal sexual behavior and emotionally cripple young people and keep them from forming healthy, bonded relationships with the opposite sex.

A strong family unit is something the Left despises.

R. Sherman

Darleen, at my son's high school, it is tradition for the boys'soccer players to jog around all the practice venues on the first day of Fall tryouts shirtless, stopping in front of the various girls'teams -- field hockey, softball, volleyball and tennis --where they sing, "I'm A Little Teapot." As you might imagine, the girls are quite vocal in their evaluation and approval.

Yet, no one has been suspended.

Boatswain's Mate

Since it's already Saturday 'round about our host's parts, I'll go ahead and post this now.

Remember, remember the fifth of November....



Yet, no one has been suspended.

Operative word: Yet.

Chester Draws

for a whole season for engaging in normal male behavior...

Talking about girls in the way the team did is normal male behaviour. Committing it to e-mail/paper, is not. Even more so when it is not comments in passing, but a detailed report.

The difference is the potential audience: what I say can at best be related second-hand, but what I write is rather more permanent.

I don't know how many of the Harvard mens soccer team are intending to be lawyers or business managers, but they just learned an extremely valuable lesson. They do that in their business and the punishment will be rather more than missing a few games.


Committing it to e-mail/paper, is not

Little black books were not a myth.

I agree that in this age of hyper-surveillance that any young male - even teens - who dare's to leave a paper or electronic trail less than Puritan pure is asking for trouble; however, it doesn't mean the behavior of ranking the sexual attractiveness of The Other(s) is criminal or pathological.

Women of my age would be lying to say that our own group girl activities, like slumber parties of the junior high set, did not include ranking boy classmates and endless games of "truth or dare" where by we challenged each other on how far we "would go" with any particular boy.

Cancelling a whole soccer season and very public hand-wringing over "rape culture" is just plain WRONG.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Americans probably know all of this; I don't know how well this is known on the other side of the pond:

The White House Is Falling Down

From another link:

Not long after the Truman Balcony was completed, the main body of the mansion was found to be structurally unsound. Floors no longer merely creaked; they swayed. The president's bathtub was sinking into the floor. A leg of Margaret's piano broke through the floor in what is today the Private Dining Room.

the spam filter. She’s a temperamental beast.

Ooooh! Something something everyday sexism... (Do I really need to add /snark?)


Ooooh! Something something everyday sexism

I denounce myself.


Destroy a First World Country using this One Weird Trick


Just popped in to let you know that there's been another visitation from Planet Sociology:

    “Universities produce racism"

Reports Dr Kehinde Andrews who is - almost inevitably it seems - an Associate Professor in Sociology.

(Really, what on Earth is going in sociology departments across the English-speaking world? Dr Lisa Mckenzie, she of Class War fame, is in Sociology; so is Dr Ben Pitcher, the one who speculated that BBC Radio 4's Gardener's Question Time is racist; so too is Dr Robert Weide, the one who declared 'I lift Bro''during a heated exchange over whether or not Ben Shapiro should be allowed to speak on his university's campus is in Sociology and he has apparently been at it again, complaining that he was intimidated by some flyers for another Shapiro event)

Dr Andrews also notes that universities are:

    "no less institutionally racist than the police [...] Outside of [Birmingham City University] you’re very unlikely to see a black sociologist anywhere in the UK and that must be caused by institutional racism: I don’t have any other explanation,”

His reason for this state of affairs?

    Andrews believes the curriculum is a key factor. In his own discipline – sociology – the canon taught as the foundation of the subject is “a collection of dead white men”, he said. “And that’s the same at every university.” [...] the impact of studying authors who not only fail to interest but sometimes “actually alienate” students can harm their education. “So if you’re reading Kant and Kant’s talking about European enlightenment and talking down about Africa and the rest of the world … it’s really difficult to get into that stuff.”

So Andrews has discovered that students sometimes find reading Kant a wee bit challenging? Who knew?

The mind truly boggles ... the rest here.


“Universities produce racism,” reports Dr Kehinde Andrews... “I don’t have any other explanation”

Well, our inept sociologist is right about something, albeit unwittingly. Many universities do encourage racialist sentiment, even outright bigotry - such that disdaining “white males,” “straight white males,” and “straight, cis white males,” dead or otherwise, is both the height of fashion and, for some, the basis of a career.

Philip Daniel

Indeed, why not teach the work of a Saintly Person of Color instead?
For instance, let's take a look at the Arabized Berber and noted marginalized indigenous brown body of color Ibn Khaldun, to whom some would attribute the "invention" of sociology as a discipline.

Here is what our enlightened indigenous non-white scholar had to say about black Africans...
"Therefore, the Negro nations are, as a rule, submissive to slavery, because (Negroes) have little that is (essentially) human and possess attributes that are quite similar to those of dumb animals."

And here is what he had to say about the Muslim Arab conquest of Iran...
"But when the Persians came under the rule of the Arabs and were subjugated, they lasted only a short while and were wiped out as if they had never been. One should not think that this was the result of some persecution of aggression perpetrated against them. The rule of Islam is known for its justice. Such (disintegration) is in human nature. It happens when people lose control of their own affairs and become the instrument of someone else."

And here is what our esteemed beacon of moral enlightenment had to say about the Bedouin...
"Places that succumb to the Bedouins are quickly ruined[.] The reason for this is that the Bedouins are a savage nation, fully accustomed to savagery and the things that cause. Savagery has become their character and nature."

See, if only we taught more people of color instead of morally bankrupt dead white males, we could decolonize our curriculum of bigotry and bias and the vile scourge of colonialist whiteness once and for all! Like, literally!

Jeff Wood

Do I remember correctly that one Jessica Valenti has been mentioned here before?

It seems she wrote a book, and the book wot she wrote has been reviewed, or rather, thoroughly fisked by Robert Stacey McCain. A bit of a read, but worth it I think:



Do I remember correctly that one Jessica Valenti has been mentioned here before?

Yes, several times, though never kindly.


Soccer is a perfectly good English word; it's only in the last couple of decades when some sort of linguistic snobbery has started deprecating it

I think there was a streak of anti-Americanism in the mix.

Very often, if someone referred to it as soccer, they would be told that only the Americans call it soccer.

There might also be a follow-on sentence about the stupidity of Americans etc and how the Americans call their national baseball championship the World Series etc

Jeff Wood

Ah, David, yes indeed. The good Mr McCain fillets her in a style I think would impress even you.

Fred the Fourth

James, one hears that all the time still, even though
- Soccer was a UK term deriving from "Association Football"
- The "World" Series is named after the "World" newspaper which was the original sponsor
as anyone who cares to investigate knows.
But yeah, of course Americans are the stupid ones...


Regarding "One Weird Trick" for destroying First World nations, here's another:


Hipsters demonstrating an inability to comprehend logic or reality, #3,453,986,589,574 . . .

Apparently someone intends to make a movie of Starship Troopers, which so far has yet to be done.

There is a cinematographic hairball of Verhoeven's Bugs In Space!!! where anyone with any knowledge of the book agrees that the book and Verhoeven's hangover are unrelated.

Apparently as part of this, A) The new project is to be called a "reboot" in the vain hope of giving Verhoeven any credibility, and B) hipsters are claiming offense.

Jeff Guinn

From yesterday's NYT, fact-free feminist twaddle. Seven hundred odd words that would be howled out of the place if they were applied to any group other than white men. And without a hint of irony.

This, perhaps more than anything else, explains the rise of Donald J. Trump: He promised struggling white men that they could have their identities back.

Really? He did? Where do I go to get it, the DMV?

There is also the simple fact that Mr. Trump is running against a woman, after eight years of our first black president. For many of the men used to seeing their own faces reflected in the halls of power, this trend away from white male authority has simply become intolerable. Today, racial animus is particularly pronounced among Trump supporters.

Fact free generalization, followed by a link to Vox, the young adult webzine that apparently is unclear on the concept of race, or correct attribution.

BTW, For you men out there who are curious about how awful you are, , the is on the beat.


And a last split second guess before the actual numbers get chewed over for the next several years . . .

And a Just Before The Election---2016/11/6---read of the political entrails . . .

There is zero certainty of the following, and is based on little more than daily skimming through Google News headlines and some scattered stories, and commentary by Scott Adams, and tracking down some latest articles by Gwynne Dyer . . .

And: Noting that there is no right or left diversion and that claim that one is all right wing or all left wing, noting that the reality is a spectrum stretching from extreme right to extreme left, and the ongoing reality is that a general majority is the center bookended by the right and the left, the predicted results are:

Far Right minority: Screw this, I ain't voting!!!

Right Wing minority: Screw Trump. I'm voting for the libertarian!!!

Conservative majority: Trump

Left wing minority: Clinton!! Clinton!! Clinton!!

Far Left Minority: Screw Clinton. I'm voting for Sanders, writing 'im in if I have to.

---The uncertainty is in how much of a Trump majority, be it a 60 percent plus clear majority, or a 48/51 percent Brexit style fiasco where the UK will be mired in that for years . . . . At least the clear difference between the Brexit vote and a presidential election with no incumbent is that with the latter, the one person with the clear 51 percent or more majority will be the new incumbent and get inaugurated come January . . .


"Fact free generalization, followed by a link to Vox, the young adult webzine..."

That reminded me of this quote from a link posted here recently:


from a link posted here recently

See today’s ‘elsewhere’ post, item one.


Off topic question...am considering going to see a movie Tueday night so I can dodge all this election BS. Problem is I got so tired of PC crap showing up in films that I stopped paying attention to them unless it was Batman or Spider-Man or possibly a reality based war pic. Ironically, aside from BM and SM (and The Phantom*) I'm not much of a comic book fan. But I see this Dr. Strange is playing. I know nothing of him at all except that he was mentioned here recently. Can anyone recommend it within the context of what I just related?

*For the Ghost Who Walks


Can anyone recommend it within the context of what I just related?

Um. Short answer; zero politics.

Longer answer: Given Stuff I already knew of, and with noted recent reading(1), my definite reaction is that the writers/producers seem to have insisted on making the paranormal Stuff immensely more complicated than they needed to . . . And, other than noting of having such a reaction, barring some relative obscurity that I wasn't picking up on, yeah, no politics.

---You state having little knowledge of the story, and there is the bit of having Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One, where yes I agree that such is silly as hell regardless of having to maneuver around the Chinese Communists, where that in and of itself somewhat has absolutely zero affect on the storytelling alone . . . . At absolute worst, you'll be telling yourself Yes, that is Thomas Jefferson dressed in a formal Kyoto court kimono, with zero explanation of how or why such clothing would turn up in late 1700s America, and Oh, Whatever, I'm just gonna watch the damn movie . . .

(1) . . . and by this point, quite recommended reading, that . . . See, also, a rather interesting article I ran across that discusses the concepts as a general overview, and that is how and why my reaction of making things much more complicated than needed . . .


Can anyone recommend it within the context of what I just related?

As Hal said, the story doesn’t have any obvious politics to gripe about so it should work as an election night palate cleanser. And once things kick into gear it rolls along briskly and with a generous helping of spectacle and some visual comedy. I actually think Tilda Swinton was an excellent casting choice and at times her performance is quite compelling.

Chester Draws

Piper Paul

Your quote would be true in a country without free access to starting their own media, or in the short term.

In the US if a market is open then people move in. Fox did very quickly. Fox is popular and profitable, but not popular enough to suggest that there is room for many more similar.

Also, not that long ago the print media was, if anything, rather conservative. How, since it was more popular back then, did it get dragged left? Either there's some vast conspiracy or it has followed the market, not vice versa.

One of the most pathetic paths Marxism went down was "false consciousness". The fanciful idea people were naturally Leftists, only the organs of capitalism tricked them. Nowadays it is the alt-Right that does it -- believing that only a kidnapped media prevents people from seeing what is true. It's still a pathetic delusion.


"Coarse and vulgar English"...

Ahh.....so that's what "fuck a brisket" means.....

I'm enlightened.


I actually think Tilda Swinton was an excellent casting choice and at times her performance is quite compelling.

A followup thought that actually would have rather even simplified things for the production: Have Strange get directed to a somewhat obscure bit of Manhattan---or even just something claimed to be upstate New York---and drop a line in of Oh, yes, we Used To Be in North Of India, but some number of years ago we moved to New York---and let movie watchers and others draw their own conclusions---and as part of the move from one continent to another, I Have Changed My Form . . . .

---It would indeed be rather an additional shift in the back story, but would rather underline We're sorcerers, we just Do this.


We’re sorcerers, we just Do this.

Heh. Yes, the ‘Westerner visits The Mysterious East in search of salvation’ shtick is a tad creaky and antiquated – though less creaky and antiquated than in the original comics. But I suppose it adds some scenery to play with and heightens the ‘fish out of water’ aspect, and the subsequent gags about Wi-Fi, Beyoncé, etc.


I actually think Tilda Swinton was an excellent casting choice and at times her performance is quite compelling.

Oh David, you don't know just how wrong you are.

In flipping both race and gender to cast Swinton as a character who in the original comics is a Tibetan-born man, Marvel admirably went out of the box to correct one aspect of underrepresentation in its cinematic universe, but did so at the expense of another. Like its fellow Marvel franchise Iron Fist, it is steeped in cultural appropriation and centers around what Graeme previously noted as the "white man finds enlightenment in Asia" trope.

Of course, the real reason that Hollywood couldn't have a Tibetan played by an actual Tibetan was to avoid pissing off the Chinese. Let's not mention that though eh?


Oh David, you don’t know just how wrong you are.

Heh. If experience has taught me anything, it’s that trying to appease pretentious clowns who earnestly use the term “cultural appropriation” is both futile and likely to backfire. These people want to disapprove, and be seen disapproving. It’s what they do, it’s how maintain their status among other pretentious clowns. Are we expected to believe that if the Mandarin had been depicted as an East Asian psychopath and terrorist, and if the Ancient One was still a geriatric Tibetan man, there wouldn’t have been just as much tutting, possibly more? Exactly what combination of ethnicities, gender, geography and roles, villainous and heroic, would meet with their approval?





Well I very never.....

"Anal astronaut".....


Abo’s handbag, an Australian term for boxed wine.

I denounce myself.


Thanks for the all of the input. Not a big fan of sorcery and such but I think I'll give it a whirl. Don't see much else out there. Just to give you a hint of my illness, as it were, I was considering Hacksaw Ridge but the tv ads I keep seeing repeat some line about "others will be taking lives but I will be saving them". While I truly admire the brave men who go out on the battlefield focused not on the enemy and thus less regard for their own lives and more for the wounded, knowing that they are easy targets for enemy combatants, that line has a ring of arrogant moral superiority to it that makes me highly suspicious.


Not a big fan of sorcery and such but I think I'll give it a whirl.

I left happy and feeling entertained. And some of the effects design and compositing is quite remarkable.


Don't see much else out there.

There's always the old-school approach to ignoring current events. Read a book. I'm currently reading _Kon-Tiki_ by Thor Heyerdahl, and enjoying it immensely, especially the non-PC parts, mild though they are (he mentions race, and describes people by it! Horrors!:-).

If you want something of a more current, and less academic, flavor, the Monster Hunter International books by Larry Correia are good and fun. And of course there's Adelsverein by one of the regulars hereabouts.


the Monster Hunter International books by Larry Correia are good and fun.

They really are.

Fred the Fourth

Kon Tiki! One of my childhood favorites. I wonder if I still have my Dad's copy?
My favorite bit is when the crew is forming, Heyerdahl congratulates Bengt Danielsson because it takes special courage to be the sole Swede in a crew of Norwegians.
(this remark led me to study the history of Scandinavia, particularly the issue of WW-2 German transit across Sweden into Norway.)


There's always the old-school approach to ignoring current events. Read a book.
Oh trust me, I've read more than my share of books. To the point that I really don't enjoy them much any more aside from history, which itself is not much more than fiction. And I'm spending most of my days buried in software tech manuals and such so getting rather restless anyway. Plus I'm only trying to burn 4 hours not 4 days. Besides, the idea is to get out of the house. I'd go shoot some pool or something but the bars are full of TV's now. No plays/theater on Tuesday nights to speak of. I figured I haven't been to the movies since that last space flick with that Matthew McConaughey or whatevs guy was in. Which itself was rather meh. But thanks to all for the movie tips.

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