Friday Ephemera
But Don’t Call Them Hysterical





In a week it's had 2.2 million views. :-)


I wonder how many takes it took?


Fred the Fourth

I thought this was a class joint.
You shall receive my demand for a Credit Note promptly in the morning.

(seriously, I was all pre-cringed for some horrendous "art", but...)

Wait. I think we have a marketing problem / opportunity here. How 'bout we re-label this vid to ensure recognition of its intersectional transgressivity querying of psuedo-gendered-re-normalizational un-embodying capito-economic hegemonists?
And slap a hefty price tag on it.
Hell, we can all retire!





I thought this was a class joint

What class did you have in mind?

Eat More Greens

Seems there’s a Trump angle to everything these days, even underwater flatulence. From the ‘comments’ at the link:
“Statement from the Women Whose Vaginas' President-Elect Trump So Nastily And Uninvitedly Groped”


If it's good enough for Shakespeare…


Have you ever eaten Jerusalem artichokes?

It may well explain the video and have nothing to do with P-E DT.

R. Sherman

I laughed; I cried. It became a part of me.


Now I'm just hoping my wife doesn't look at my browser history.


No refunds, credit note only.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

I am literally shaking at the whiteness, and white privilege displayed.

For true flatulent justice it should have been a woman of color in that video, and it is unclear whether the flatulence was sufficiently queered, and if it contributed to catastrophic global climate miasma.


Could've been queefed though.


Farting in the shower just isn't the same.


I rather think you need an Artistic Flatulence tag, or at least a Flatulence one. Just in case this sort of thing crops up again - it's best to be prepared.


I rather think you need an Artistic Flatulence tag

I did consider it, but I didn’t want to give away the punchline, as it were.


Just as I was settling in for a moment of meditative admiration…boom!

Well, a muffled boom anyway.

How cruel, playing on my fondness for the female arse like that. I should've known!


OT, but we got some snow on Sunday. Checked my truck this morning but even though I live in a rural area I didn't have to put up with this.

John D

I feel a GIF coming on.



Stop lying. We know that snow no longer exists. They told us so. #Stophavinguson!


More fart jokes!

Reminds me, tangentially, of a comment under one of Guido Fawkes' recent posts, saying:

Some days, I'd skim through the [Daily Telegraph] but found there was little worth reading. I'd just do the Cryptic Crossword and spread the rest over the floor for my darling old and, increasingly, incontinent dog to make use of. When she died, I cancelled my sub. I still miss her but not the DT.

A reply, which has, unforgivably, been deleted, read:

It's possible your dog was providing a product far superior to the journalism

Judging by today's wittering by Clare Foges in the Times, this goes for all of the others, too.


I laughed; I cried. It became a part of me

Well, it certainly stopped being part of someone else :)


I did consider it, but I didn’t want to give away the punchline, as it were.

Perhaps an obfuscating euphemism is in order. "Boyle's Law", or some such.


A couple of thoughts:

1. Swimming lessons.
2. Vegetarian or vegan.

Lionel Ebb

Definitely looks like an excursion into video art by my local avant-garde theatre ensemble: Nudity is very big among these people. Flatulence optional.

Dr. Toboggan

I thought it was going to be much worse


I thought it was going to be much worse

I rule through fear.


Classic Sentence from a Politico article (over at Ace):

In Washington, they're meeting in hotel lobbies, 14th Street bars, nonprofits’ conference rooms and living rooms, plotting the resistance over beer and hummus.


Does that video pass the sniff test?



Fred the Fourth

I rule through fear

Actually, I have nothing to add to this.

Hopp Singg

A rebuttal (er, of sorts) to the Vagina Monologues.

Spiny Norman

...plotting the resistance over beer and hummus.

Beer and ... what?

Oh, they're not out of touch with the rest of the country. No, not at all.

Fred the Fourth

Spiny: Ever hear of the GodAwful?
1 part beer + 1 part milk.


Perhaps some seaweed would be of help. At least if one is a cow.


[ Glances at traffic stats. ]

This post is proving surprisingly popular.

[ Raises suspicious eyebrow. ]


I was truly hypnotised......until.

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