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November 28, 2016



34 years ago I invested 10,000 dollars of my own money; with the help of PAL grants and 5 years of my life I got an engineering degree. This year I am on track to make 200,000. Not a bad investment if I do say so. Never been unemployed, house paid for, no insurance worries and plenty in my rainy day fund.

If I can figure it out, why can't they? Maybe because I had a dad and grandpa in my life who taught me common sense and the value of hard work. I also had some good mentors early in my life.

These kids are not being lead by logic, they are being taken advantage of by fake degrees and collage staff and professors who have tenure, nice houses and BMW's and jobs for life. All paid by the gullible kids with no guidance from adults.


Ms Olsen was, of course, involved in the campus Women’s Centre, which boasts of being “empowering,”

How's that working out for her?


How’s that working out for her?

As illustrated many times, while leftism may flatter the vanities of the young and credulous, in reality it’s a bit of a poisoned chalice. And in terms of success and lasting satisfaction, probably best avoided.


So, here we are.

The Elite Master

---That pointedly listed in the section for discussions of social classes


Maybe because I had a dad and grandpa in my life who taught me common sense and the value of hard work. I also had some good mentors early in my life.


One afternoon when I was ten years old, a psychopath and child abuser gave me a bottle of beer and ordered me to drink the beer.

The psychopath then continued to harass me when I didn't like the taste, continued to demand that a non-consenting ten year old child get forced to drink alcohol, and by extension, continued to demand that such an action get considered normal and proper.

At the time, I mainly noticed that I didn't like the taste, and that I had gotten forced to drink the beer anyway. Only much later, just few years ago, a number of puzzle pieces dropped into place. I had always known that the psychopath and his associate hated me, but this time I realized the full pattern of long term assault and its intent with absolutely nothing normal or proper involved in any of it.

Normal and proper is that children are the next generation, the ones who follow, and that to torture and maim the children is to destroy one's own future, to destroy one's one own present. Normal and proper is that psychopaths and child abusers such as the one forcing the beer upon me get hunted down and annihilated.


About the tallow-tainted £5 notes....
A few months in circulation and they'll all be smeared with cocaine. That'll cancel out the minute tallow trace (I think?).

Tim Newman

If I can figure it out, why can't they?

To be fair, not everyone is cut out for engineering. I knew a few guys on my course who signed up then realised they detested it, and had a miserable time, and didn't stick it out. I am extraordinarily lucky in that I always knew I wanted to do engineering and then joined an industry which provided work* that I enjoyed and paid incredibly well. You don't need to defend wasters like this Olsen woman to know that not everyone can do what to me came pretty easily (albeit I had to live in some right shitholes).

*I use that term loosely.


Make student loan debt non-dischargeable for a certain period of time. Or, perhaps, have only a percentage of it discharged depending on how much of the debt was already paid off.

Deals with private arrangements symptomatically and subjectively, which starts yet another self-destructive positive feedback loop. In other words, becomes political and therefore inherently progressive.

The really simple solution to non payment of college debt is to have courts treat the repayments as they do child support. That should focus up a few minds.

Enter the progressive positive feedback loop. Given the courts' ruinous - read: leftist, special interest-bound, hyper over-lawyered, collectivized - work in "child support", the last thing you want is this, assuming you'd even agree to evaluate causes by results, and those ills will be your results.

The solution, such as it is, is that loans remain wholly private and contractual and discharge however parties agree. There may be no official umbrella whatsoever outside the scantest mediation and bankruptcy proceedings.

Managing social life by progressive law we know to be madness.

Watcher In the Dark

"I'm an experienced reporter, editor, web producer... and general internet person." says Ms Olsen.

I bet at my advanced years I am far more of an experienced 'general internet person' than she is. I am never off the damn thing. So.. gimme that well-paid job!


Hey, these giant porcelain shoes aren't so bad.


She looks good enough. She has a career option that would have her rolling in cash, if she is truly as desperate as she claims. One that her male counterparts do not have.

Macrena Sailor

The poor, little entitled darling could have gone to a Community College for her first two years, as I did, while working and paying my own tuition and as both of my children did, thus, saving herself tens of thousands of dollars. That, alone, would have made her total tuition cost far, far less.

When our daughter transferred to a four year school, she worked full-time as a waitress/bartender and carried a full load and did internships. She didn't sleep much. Her employer reimbursed her 2500 per year in tuition costs and she paid down her tuition with a vengeance. She graduated summa cum laude from the ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.

Before she graduated, she realized that her major had been a poor choice. She was making 50K as a waitress/bartender. She could get a job making 24K as a reporter. She became a technical writer and has now moved to one of the best companies in America doing fraud investigations.

Or, the little darling could have done what our son did. Community college for two years, Marine Corps to finish his degree while a Marine and with deployments. He earned a BS in Business and had zero debt at the end.

There are lots of options if you are not a whiny, entitled little girl who thinks the world owes you.

Lab Rat

I’ve removed the padding from the rotary paddles and notched up the RPM, so it should be quite… bracing.

Hehehe - that'll learn me!

That said, I have noticed a tendency among the millenial generation to assume that the prices of things - like rent - ought to be determined by what you get paid, rather than what you get paid determining what you can afford.

Yes, this. I guess I never realized people thought this way. I have always chosen where I lived based on my income and affordability (based on that income) of housing in the area. /shrug It just seemed the logical thing to do...

Hopp Singg

Likewise, millenial gardeners think the garden should produce in accord with their appetites.


This just in:

Yes, that $65,000 education really paid off.


You all will go to incredible lengths to make it seem like racism against white people is a thing. It's not.

Is that what they call a self-refuting statement?


Is that what they call a self-refuting statement?

Well, pretty much. But this is someone who uses the word “white” to denote some implied “privilege” and culpability, simply by virtue of one’s pigmentation levels. Evidently, being so rebellious and non-conformist, Ms Olsen has internalised the modish posturing of her peers and educators, such that her definition of racism has been casually gutted of reciprocity. Which is morally absurd, laughably ahistorical, and practically stupefying. But I suppose that doesn’t much matter if all you’re doing is indulging in some pretentious social signalling.


And remember, this isn’t some random idiocy. This has been learned, at great expense.

Fred the Fourth

My brother and I dropped out of Uni about a year apart, both after 2+ years, and worked various jobs while trying to figure out what to do next.
I worked splitting firewood from piles of huge logs left behind by the Forest Service, as a Chain-of-title searcher for a Title Insurance company, and as a lab technician at a silicon valley startup.
He worked as a "lumper" (unloading large trucks full of boxes of mostly-frozen chicken parts), a delivery driver for a worker-uniform service company, and running lens polishing machines for an industrial laser firm.
Our father called this "making a list of jobs you don't want to do for the rest of your lives."
We both saved every penny we could, and eventually went back for degrees and graduated with negligible debt. (I basically subsisted on one whole chicken and a pot of rice per week. Starbucks? Don't make me laugh.) We then spent careers doing things not on those lists (though I still split firewood for fun).
Both of us also discovered that this work history made us vastly more hire-able upon graduation than were our peers. Our drop-out history? Nobody cared. Imagine that, huh?
I was completely open with my own kids about this history when they were planning college, though it's too soon to tell what effect it had.

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