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December 21, 2016


Matthew McConnaugay

Re: the progressive parenting photo essay...

It's probably just because I'm a horrible, horrible person, with horrible, bad, evil thoughts... but I came away with these two questions:

1. Does the wife know her husband is a child molester?
2. Does the husband know he's been cuckolded by a coloured gentleman?

Folks, it hurts me to say it. But the article says "father", not "stepfather". Take a closer look at the eldest child, then at the parents, and then at the eldest child again...

I think I'm going to hell for this one.


My husband (by the way) likes to knit and crochet.

Better get an AIDS test, ma'am, your husband might be "teh gay"


Tangentially related, Jessica Valenti is once again indulging in those non-reciprocal principles.


how will I raise a son who respects me the way a daughter would?

Don't let him see the misandrist crap you wrote on twitter?


The poor kid's going to be a tranny.


If your ideology makes you *feel sick* at the thought of having a baby boy it sounds like it's the ideology that's the problem.

Hey, I just read that somewhere!

Is it an Instalanche if Glenn lifts a quote from the comment section here but links to the original article in his blog?

Congrats, Anna, on the cite!


Valenti has me blocked (I think I'm on one of their master lists.)

No linking without screenshots or transcripts, hey?


Valenti has me blocked (I think I’m on one of their master lists.)

It juxtaposes Valenti’s excuses for the recent harassment of Ivanka Trump and her children – and Valenti’s claim that it would be “infantilising and sexist” to shield Ms Trump from such harassment – with one of Dear Jessica’s own articles. The one, or one of the ones, in which she insists that, being a Guardian writer and feminist, she “shouldn’t have to deal” with “insults” in the comments sections.

[ Added: ]

More here.

Semi-Literate Thug

Her essay is a good thing. The court will be able to cite it when taking her son away in the future.

Phil Garber

Birth of a future alt right masculinist.

Daniel Ream

There's a documentary series called "Absolutely Fabulous" that chronicles just such a dynamic.

As is usually the case, the American remake was vastly inferior.

Fred the Fourth

Dear Canada,
My days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.


I wonder how she feels having given birth to a rapist?


how will I raise a son who respects me the way a daughter would?

...asks the woman who has apparently never encountered a teenage girl.

Tell Sackett

My mother, Jane Caro

Nuff said.

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