It’s Called A Shakedown, Baby
Totes Hardcore

Friday Ephemera

And it falls from the sky. (h/t, Damian) // The great animal orchestra. // Cardboard cat ark. // I think there’s a story here. // Whatever you do, don’t push the button. // A brief history of sea monkeys and instant fish. // Big determined cat fits in a small mixing bowl. // Jim LeBlanc’s bad day in a NASA vacuum chamber. // Perhaps not. // Radium suppositories. // Good parents don’t let their children waste money on a gender studies course. // 3D-printed pancakes. SD card compatible. // The Amazon grocery store has no queues and no checkout. // He stacks coins better than you do. // A brief history of human population growth. // Stay tuned for deer and the odd raccoon. // And finally, their first mistake was marketing the drink as “bottled spunk.” Then things went downhill.