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Friday Ephemera

I think there may be a word missing. (h/t, Julia) // How does your urologist lean? // Mrs Peel and other things. // Reversing the Avengers. // The Voder, 1939. // Miracle breakthrough in vertical bacon cooking. // Brutalist colouring book. Because concrete needs colour. // The cure for crying toddlers. // Feminist art. Because women are all about dirty pants, apparently. (h/t, SJW Nonsense.) // Feminist prose: “Your boner is a symbol of a world that is trying to destroy me.” // Eye robot. // Chocolate bolts. (h/t, Matthew) // Submarine tourism didn’t catch on. // Unexpected news. // They’re gaining on us. // Selfie culture. // The thrill of yarn. // Throaty notes. // Please take a moment to think of Maria. // And finally, improbably, “A woman flew through a tornado in a bathtub and survived.”