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January 23, 2017



gripping interviews

She's not making the case she thinks she is.


'We're atheists and we're Satanists'.



Well, there's the compassionate male feminist at a Canadian Woman's March punching a female reporter:


You'd think punching a woman at a Woman's March would cause a stir. But you'd be wrong. Apparently some women deserve a beating in Liberal Land.


the compassionate male feminist at a Canadian Woman’s March punching a female reporter

It looks like one of those ‘rage of Caliban’ moments.


Something tells me her husband chose poorly. Or lost a bet.

I (almost) feel sorry for the husband.


I (almost) feel sorry for the husband.

I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s quite a moment. After gratuitously harassing a fellow passenger and launching into an incongruous, self-indulgent tirade, including threats of vomiting on him, and after disturbing other people, insulting them, and needlessly delaying the flight and everyone on it, the Wife From Hell is finally escorted off the plane by police, but not before giving the other passengers the finger.

Because she’s the righteous one.





"You'd think punching a woman at a Woman's March would cause a stir."

You'd think a bunch of wimmin angry at 'the patriarchy' denying them equal rights would march on their nearest mosque, but no.


one of the more telling sights is the staggering amount of garbage left strewn on the streets by the feminist protestors

Nothing like making men pick up your shit to stick it to the patriarchy.


a young lady of the left chanting “Love trumps hate.” Seconds before setting a woman’s hair on fire.

She's going viral now. Good luck with the job hunt, lady.


She’s going viral now. Good luck with the job hunt, lady.

And if you look closely, you’ll see that the young woman next to her is watching her do it, apparently in approval. “Social justice” really does bring out the best in people.


Tangentially related, this by Instapundit, and his linked interview with the BBC.

R. Sherman

I wonder how the plane lady would've reacted had someone sat next to her and proceeded to demand to know,"Sister, are you saved?" Or, whether she would've accosted someone who she believed to be a member of a "protected" class?






Maybe after spending the entire Trump presidency in prison, the delusions of radical chic will be wearing a little thin.


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The "jade eggs" thing made Glenn Beck this morning. Guffaws all around, especially as they tried to discuss it in a family-friendly way.


Ah, Godfrey. Never change.



Gravitas, people.


And now for #NotMySuperBowl, for those who want to parody the Left's reaction to the election.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Gravitas, people.

Gravitas, and fine performance art.


Gravitas, and fine performance art.

I’m guessing an arts degree may be involved. Either way, it reminded me of this.

Custard Cream

I think Wife from Hell is giving a Nazi salute because anyone who voted Drumpf is obviously Gestapo.



Maybe after spending the entire Trump presidency in prison . . . .

Well, granting that the headline is;

Majority of 230 protesters arrested on Inauguration Day will face 10 years in prison and $25k fine as US attorney says they will be charged with felony rioting

Any trials and any subsequent sentencing are still required first . . . .


Sargon’s Week In Stupid: Inauguration Special may offer some grim amusement.

That photo of the TEA Party at ~36:00 doesn't show anyone protesting Obama's inauguration: the TEA Party was protesting the Stimulus bill, which came on the heels of TARP and the GM bailout and other overspending nonsense (half of which was done by Dubya).

Taxed Enough Already, because the partiers knew that what gets spent today is torn tomorrow from the taxpayer's hide. And the first muscle the TEA Party exercised was to primary legislators who'd voted for TARP.

So yeah: racism unleashed, that was.

Matt G

With regards to that rancorous harpie on the plane, I'm sure everyone's wryly noted her calculating employment of that tried and tested technique of alternating between bully and bullied?

In this instance it was the alleged death of her mother-in-law that she felt increasingly compelled to remind folk of when it became clear that not only was she in trouble but that her fellow passengers were disinclined to righteously lynch that Trump supporter on her behalf.

A classic tactic of course and so beloved by many on the Left when they realise that public opinion has turned/is turning decidedly against them necessitating a timely reclamation of the faux moral initiative - perhaps even some (underserved) sympathy into the bargain too. All usually achieved via emotionally recounting highly specious, uncorroborated tales of unparalleled hardship and sufferance.

Owen down t'pit wi' t'whippets Jones for one ardently swears by such crude yet often effective manipulation and I note Britain's Conscience (tm) - Lily Allen, appears to have peerlessly mastered it of late too. ;)

Hopp Singg

And the harpy's husband flew away without her, back to Mom.


I started to sympathize with the husband on the plane, but then thought he knows exactly what he's married to and did absolutely nothing to warn others. He certainly could have slipped a note to any number of airport staff along the way, but no - he suffers so all must suffer. Very selfish.


I'm sure everyone's wryly noted her calculating employment of that tried and tested technique of alternating between bully and bullied?

When a sociopath is fixin to manipulate someone, s/he finds that evoking pity is FAR more effective than evoking fear.

Hence, weaponized empathy.

R. Sherman

Meanwhile, Trump 2020 continues to gather steam.


In case you were wondering if the media is gonna stop acting like children and maybe start doing journalism again I give you exhibit A.

brave journalists braving fire to get you the news from the scene.


Very selfish.

Watching the Wife From Hell in action, it’s hard to see anything but selfishness. She observes none of the normal boundaries, she entertains herself by being obnoxious, making threats and then lying about it, and her utter disregard for anyone else on the plane is obvious.


And speaking of selfishness.


'Police say a man bit the ear off another man in Pittsburgh as they argued about President Donald Trump'


Lab Rat



First the Feminists of Color, and now this...I was wondering when I'd see an article about the whining from this particular arm of the SJW left.


Its anecdotal evidence, but the great majority of my friends who attended the women's march on Washington had both the time and the money to do so. Most are housewives married to wealthy, successful men who have never had a job outside the home and who spend a great deal of their time on Facebook. For example, Kara (one of my sorority sisters who took her children) married right out of college and lives in Greenwich, Conn. which is really cush. Katie, one of my law school friends who attended, married a Buckhead dentist and does not practice. I could continue. I am not belittling their lives or contributions to society but, these ladies do not suffer from discrimination of any sort, quite the opposite in fact.

Dicentra- love that "not my superbowl link!" Go Falcons! Rise Up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRXtzsq4zl4

Oh, the perfect cover. We quickly found out that no one questions, criticizes, nor runs security background checks on trannies.


(and watch for the brain trust known as Wendy Davis ....)



So the ladies are fighting objectification by wearing “pussy hats,” shouting about their vaginas, and flashing their tits at people?


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