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Don’t Touch Their Biscuits

Following the recent scolding by her crab-bucket comrades, Laurie Penny wishes to reassert her leftist credentials

Oh terrible temptation.

All very pious. Though it seems to me those credentials were amply visible immediately after the rioting and thuggery at UC Berkeley, covered here, when Laurie was letting her followers know just how brave she is for mixing with conservatives and college Republicans, i.e., the people under attack, who are apparently “vicious and vengeful.”   

Well. Here’s an interview with Kiara Robles, one of the “far right” women surrounded and assaulted, repeatedly, by the righteously left-leaning Berkeley ‘protestors’. It seems that merely wearing a hat with the words “Make Bitcoin Great Again” is enough to make you a “Nazi,” a “fascist,” and therefore a target of physical abuse. And here’s an interview with another woman – sorry, “Nazi” – who was repeatedly assaulted at UC Berkeley, along with her husband, who was severely beaten with metal bars.

These ladies, then, are some of the people of whom Laurie Penny is, and I quote, “fucking terrified.” 


Meet Yvette Felarca, a middle school teacher and one of the organisers of the Berkeley rioting. “The left has been far too timid for far too long,” says she. 

Update 2

Here’s Yvette Felarca and her goons getting ‘hands-on’ in Sacramento. And again, watch the police.