So At What Point, Exactly, Did You Become This Colossal Bitch?
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Friday Ephemera

Earthbound telescopes taking pictures of space, as seen by telescopes in space taking pictures of Earth. // John Carpenter’s The Thing – storyboard-to-film comparisons. // Mishap with pet. // Enforcing manners. // Designer dog coats. // Retro keyboard. (h/t, Rafi) // This is one of these. // Why Marvel’s films are generally better than DC’s. // Why it’s unwise to take Salon seriously. // Thomas Sowell on personal responsibility. And on thug culture. // Upscale falcon transportation. // His first attempt. (h/t, Damian) // Ten metre tower. // Eye candy. // Eye candy 2. // All done with dandelions. // Lava stream. // Assorted gifs. // Reaction gif generator. // And finally, fragrantly, “I used a long Q-tip to extract some residue from my vagina in order to use it for my perfume.” 





That lofree keyboard appears to be designed for the worst kind of dull hipster prat, the kind with a hipster exclusivity desire for a mechanical keyboard and none other, with none of the actual functional utility and classic qualities of the type.

Model M or "Das Keyboard" not being good enough, it must be an Apple-centric fashion accessory? "Boring and clicky"? Pistols at dawn, sirrah.


@Sporkatus: Indeed. Lofree keyboards aren't retro; keyboards are retro.


"A few weeks ago, my friend called me up to tell me about a story she had heard about a woman who used her own vaginal secretions as an aphrodisiac perfume to attract men."

Ahhh, friends. No doubt covering the mouthpiece during pauses so she wouldn't be overheard giggling like a hyaena...


That lofree keyboard appears to be designed for the worst kind of dull hipster prat . . .

For an actual viable keyboard design from the history of keyboards, there will be a thumb driven trackball attached on one side, and to quote Jerry Pournelle, Left hand--or right hand---function keys, the way god intended.

John D

Enforcing manners.

Can we call that social justice?


"The snake saw the hole and went fo it."

Patriarchy in action.


Pleased to note that the dog coats will not be inflicted on dogs, only on bitches: "Breast size"

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

600 nut shots in 600 seconds


For fans of the movie The Thing (1982), there is a four hour podcast review of this movie and participants at
h/t Kathy Shaidle of the Fivefeetoffury blog.


“I used a long Q-tip to extract some residue from my vagina in order to use it for my perfume.”

Residue from my gentleman's wand hasn't worked yet.

I wonder what I'm doing wrong?.


Lava stream.

Cliffs collapse at Hawaii volcano, stopping 'firehose' flow.


I read "designer dog coats" and thought "Cruella deVille has started a clothing line?"


Welcome to the Polari Bible

This is a polari version of the King James Bible, produced by the Manchester (UK) house of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Polari – a mixture of French, Italian, Cockney and a whole host of other languages – was once used as an argot in the UK gay community, and has an interesting history in its own right. Since the decriminalisation of homosexuality some years ago it is no longer used as a means of concealing meaning from outsiders. It is, instead, used for its tremendous camp value.

. . .

Work on the original King James Bible began early in the 17th century, and it has become a watchword for the majesty and power of its language. Vulgarising it by translating it in to Polari would be an act of cultural vandalism akin to translation in to Scots. But good taste has never yet limited the Sisters’ activities, so we did it anyway.

Besides a phrase like Rom 6:23 – For the parkering ninty of kertever is carking it – has a beauty and majesty all of its very own.

. . .

Look out for the forthcoming Polari Koran and The Book of Common Screech. As mentioned above, good taste has never limited the Sisters’ activities.

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