So At What Point, Exactly, Did You Become This Colossal Bitch?
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Friday Ephemera

Earthbound telescopes taking pictures of space, as seen by telescopes in space taking pictures of Earth. // John Carpenter’s The Thing – storyboard-to-film comparisons. // Mishap with pet. // Enforcing manners. // Designer dog coats. // Retro keyboard. (h/t, Rafi) // This is one of these. // Why Marvel’s films are generally better than DC’s. // Why it’s unwise to take Salon seriously. // Thomas Sowell on personal responsibility. And on thug culture. // Upscale falcon transportation. // His first attempt. (h/t, Damian) // Ten metre tower. // Eye candy. // Eye candy 2. // All done with dandelions. // Lava stream. // Assorted gifs. // Reaction gif generator. // And finally, fragrantly, “I used a long Q-tip to extract some residue from my vagina in order to use it for my perfume.”