Shakedown, Down Under
Insufficiently Swiped

Friday Ephemera

Gravity is a cruel mistress. // The abandoned sofas of Los Angeles. // Lynda Carter lets rip. // A momentary rabbit. // “I love you, robot.” // At last, robotic tentacles. What could possibly go wrong? // His black paint is blacker than yours. // If only your children had been this well-behaved. (h/t, Damian) // Puppies versus couches, the oldest battle. // Dog Botox. // “Don’t do anything stupid.” // Punk in 60 seconds. // 24 seconds of frog cell division. // On zed versus zee. // Typing breakthroughs of yore. // Baked potato. // He has more baby pandas than you do. // How to build an impractical clock. // An archive of Japanese animation. // Melting and unmelting. // Attention, Western feminists. // Beat box. // And finally, foxily, and armed with ample duct tape, a beat box babe.