The Patriarchy Sits On Her Chest
Shakedown Redux

Friday Ephemera

Bloody typical. // That’s a big one. // One sweaty fingertip. // That one-hour-ten-minute Phil Collins drum fill you’ve always wanted. // Ten hours of Arctic ambience. // This used to be a cement factory. // A Canadian imam shares his piety. // Causality is a game. // US presidents and their legacies of debt. // On the origins of cutlery. // Could a single marine unit destroy the Roman Empire? // Cars that never made it. // Multitasking. // So just how strong is Captain America? // Thomas Sowell on Marxism and its defects. // And on achievement and its particulars as mere “privilege.” // A pinhole camera made from drinking straws. // A mugshot of the inventor of the mugshot. // Thing is, Ridley, I think we’ve seen it all before. // All bark. // And finally, “Nobody was injured.