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April 04, 2017



The hum of mental feedback.

The dissonance is a little odd, and hard to miss. I suppose it’s possible that the professor is just really inarticulate and is struggling to verbalise her deep political philosophy, but the impression given is of someone who, in terms of campus politics, has chosen to become stupid and wildly incoherent. And you’d think that if you were going to take time out of your day to publicly protest against an invited speaker, and to make a sign and everything, you’d at least have some acquaintance with whatever it is the speaker has said that you’re supposedly outraged by.

Again, it’s... odd.


The hum of mental feedback.

The non-specific nature and general role-play of the protest, which naturally included giant beach balls, was further underlined by students signalling their umbrage over “rape culture.” Quite what this has to do with Ben Shapiro is unclear.

Again, one gets the impression that the students just want to let us know that they are against whatever things it’s currently fashionable to be against, regardless of the relevance of said things to any particular speaker.


Speaking of student journalists and not quite convenient facts . . .

These high school journalists investigated a new principal’s credentials. Days later, she resigned. and related headlines . . . .

. . . Amy Robertson, who was hired as the high school’s head principal on March 6.

The student journalists had begun researching Robertson, and quickly found some discrepancies in her education credentials. For one, when they researched Corllins University, the private university where Robertson said she got her master’s and doctorate degrees years ago, the website didn’t work. They found no evidence that it was an accredited university.


From the anti-Shapiro protest:

“We’re not here to have a rational conversation.”

In case that was ever in doubt.


They'll only play if they're guaranteed to win. Which tells us quite a bit about who they are.

"We're not here to have a rational conversation."

Punchline goes here. :-)


Punchline goes here. :-)

Well, quite. They want to seem pious and triumphant, but without any risk, and without doing any heavy mental lifting. I suppose that’s what the culture of pretentious victimhood is. A way to avoid doing the work.

Again, it speaks to the character of those involved.


A University of Florida professor, Linda Hayward, wants us to believe that Ben Shapiro “kills” people with his words, which are “hate speech,” apparently.

Heh...well that bit of news will make for an interesting conversation should i ever hear back. Thx.


Though now reading the article itself, she did try to conceal who she was...kinda...in a dumb way. I'm hoping this is some indication that UF still has a some sense of sanity. Though i am well aware that Trump Derangement Syndrome is quite common there, its still a bit of a leap from TDS to this kind of anti-free speach.

Lancastrian Oik

Meanwhile, in Sunderland...

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Meanwhile, in Sunderland...

I may be going out on a limb here, but I think he drank the Kool-Aid.


Meanwhile, in Sunderland...


R. Sherman

Related from Mizzou. As it happens, both I and my spouse received telephone calls from our alma mater last night seeking contributions from "valued alumni." Suffice it to say, the person calling us got quite the earful, including the fact that we discouraged all three of our kids (the youngest is still in high school) from attending. We didn't forbid it, but noted that none of our money was going to be used to support it.



Tsk. I think you mean babe magnet. Eh, ladies?


one gets the impression that the students just want to let us know that they are against whatever things it’s currently fashionable to be against,

Come on, David. You KNOW you want to post about this gloriously fatuous Pepsi commercial that got the Perpetually Outraged in such high dudgeon that Pepsi pulled the ad.

Protest As Fashion is the underlying theme of the commercial, whether intentionally or no. Fatuous, vapid, self-absorbed? Who cares? It got Dave Burge back onto Twitter!


It got Dave Burge back onto Twitter!

Sweet sandals of Allah!

Daniel Ream

Protest As Fashion is the underlying theme of the commercial, whether intentionally or no.

There's a local punk band that has a song that makes fun of exactly this (money quotes: "We've got a counterculture you can buy off a shelf" and "The next revolution has been brought to you by")

Of course, no one would have ever heard of them if not for their record label and the ... generous support of government subsidies and Canadian content requirements. It's ironic turtles all the way down.

There's a local punk band...
PUNK band? Glad to see our government is right up on the latest trends, and know what all the cool cats and hep kitties are groovin' to. No doubt, they have a MySpace account.
Daniel Ream

I don't know - neopunk? Bands like Green Day and Marianas Trench get called "punk" so I assume it's still an active genre.

I find Billy Talent catchy, if hilariously un-self-aware. Marianas Trench's response to their label asking for something a little more Top 40 was...amusing.

Vince N

Oppose whites not mosques

He should vigorously oppose himself, with fists flying.

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