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April 21, 2017


Captain Nemo

The coffee revolt of 1674

I'm reminded of the remark made by the great French writer Voltaire, who said, when told by a friend that coffee was a slow poison, "it must be slow, for I have been drinking it for fifty years, and I'm not dead yet".

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Historic coffee story of note


That tennis link reminded me of this guy I played chess with a few times. He popped on some music on his dodgy cassette system, at first sounding like bland generic new agey type synth music. Then a rather.... *explicit* vocal soundtrack kicked in over the top. Very offputting!


Holy crap, Batman!

This popped up on my facebook feed last night ...

I've traveled that stretch of 15 freeway (and no, DM, the car is being dragged up the incline, not down) known as the Cajon Pass many years.

That's the section approaching a 10-12% grade.


Fifteen seconds in, something can be heard.

Tennis players usually have to make their own sex noises.


“I’m trans and I love Jordan Peterson.”

That was unexpected (and encouraging).


That was unexpected (and encouraging).

Yes, I thought so. Like Dr Peterson, I’ve heard from trans people who find “social justice” leftism alienating and embarrassing. It’s worth remembering that the left’s pet scolds, who make the most noise, don’t necessarily represent the wider, notional group. (And the interruption by Ollie’s mom was quite endearing. Sort of, “Not now, mom, I’m fighting the culture war.”)

Black Ball

Ann Coulter showing some balls.

John D

"Robots are racist and sexist"



“Robots are racist and sexist”

Reminded me of this.

I suspect it would save a lot of time to just list the seven or eight things that aren’t racist, sexist or in some way problematic.


bluegrass interrupted.

'I don't know what to do!' :-D

R. Sherman

Stop everything! Something else is problematic! Please update your records accordingly. (H/T Instapundit)


Jeremy’s heroes.

Spiny Norman

Jeremy’s heroes.

There's some rather pathetic attempts at deflection going on in that Twitter thread.


Speaking of Mr Corbyn,

Revealing drapes.


I wonder if Mr Guru-Murthy does that with his non-left-leaning interviewees.

Spiny Norman

Something else is problematic!

Well, it started off promisingly, sneering at "hipster slumming" - coddled children of the rich pretending to be poor and mocking the actual poor in the process (the Butter Bar does seem rather intentionally insulting) - but then veered off into clichéd self-indulgent social justice rubbish.

Jeremy’s heroes.

It might be time for a little introspection when your people are willing to pelt you with eggs, even though they are starving, just to make a point...

R. Sherman

... but then veered off into clichéd self-indulgent social justice rubbish.

As with so much of the SJW nonsense, there is a whiff of truth that gets lost in irrational outrage. The "small house" movement is really nothing more than a Progressive attempt to get the middle class to accept less. It's fashioned as both trendy and "eco-conscious" when in reality its purpose is to accustom people to willfully desire a reduced standard of living. Think the Commie "stack-a-prole" apartment buildings maintained to keep everyone under control made fashionable.


But then veered off into clichéd self-indulgent social justice rubbish

The author has never left her Blythe roots behind and she takes all the wrong lessons of growing up dirt poor. She is resentful, not of hipsters per se, but of choice. She repeats that several times. She labels "capitalism" as oppressive yet fails to grasp that the horror of California housing in places like Frisco, San Jose & Silicon Valley are a direct result of government, not capitalism.

And oh... no comments allowed on that piece. Typical.


"His primary research interests are ethics and politics"


Lionel Ebb

Jeremy’s heroes.

I think Jeremy is a hero to us all after yesterday's little performance: http://bit.ly/2oY2iC5

And: Venezuela coming soon to a London borough near you! http://bit.ly/2dgeLtr

Sam Duncan

“I think it’s fair to call it a partial success.”

To be fair, they look more like real bears than the photo on the book.

“Because at some point you’re going to want to hire a male belly dancer.”

I'm not even going to click that one.

“Create your own language.”

Ahjałeð sh'Hŋøþ.

(No, you're pronouncing it all wrong. I invented my own orthography too. That “lower case a”? Pfft. Sounds more like a voiced “z”.)


I’m not even going to click that one.




Hmmm, David's disappointed you didn't click. Does anyone actually know what David looks like and what he does for a living (besides amusing us, of course)?

I'll just slowly start moving towards the door...


[ Faints with indignation. ]


I decided to peruse a little further on the site of the Tiny House harangue and I get it. No matter the subject, even if part of the discussion in the article makes sense, the articles are liberally sprinkled with "social justice" jargon.

Here's one about grammar and the Oxford comma which makes a few attempts at sober discussion

First off, the Oxford comma is not a grammar issue but a decision made and stood by for the sake of consistency — a matter of what editors call style or usage. A sentence without the Oxford comma is not wrong the way a sentence without subject-verb agreement is wrong. That’s why the goofy misinterpretations blamed on the missing comma look wrong only if you force yourself to ignore common sense. Most of the time, the absence of the Oxford comma presents no stumbling block at all: “red, white and blue.” Otherwise, all the news stories written according to the Associated Press Stylebook would have sown chaos by now.
But the author can't help but indulge in stuff like:

I so get that it can be delicious to watch an utterance dramatically transform according to the orientation of a tiny piece of itself. But that hunger for the justification of those underdog details has an ugly side. It can hurt people.


Worse, it’s an unfair judgment of people who, through no fault of their own, don’t have the background and resources needed to produce what’s widely seen as good English. I’d like to wrap those resources into one idea here: language privilege.

The need of these people to run every topic through the Race/Gender/Class meat grinder is both infuriating and wearying.

(and don't get me started on the article there entitled "We Are The Scientists Against A Fascist Government")

Spiny Norman

Activists claim berkeley anti-fascist attacker is college instructor Eric Clanton

Professor BikeLock exposed by 4Chan's /pol/ board. The Guy Fawkes beard is a nice touch.

I decided to peruse a little further on the site...

Did it seem like a wallow?


Did it seem like a wallow?

I confess, I do feel I need a shower and some quality time doing something calming (glances over at Kindle).


and some quality time doing something calming

[ Cough ] Belly dancer. [ Cough ]


Very funny article here in my opinion - well worth the read.

Here's a taster:

    To find fault with the former First Daughter is to invite the wrath of thousands. Love of Chelsea correlates closely with love of Hillary, toward whom her fans have long felt an odd protectiveness, as if she were a stroke survivor regaining the power of speech rather than one of the most influential people in the world. That goes even more for Chelsea, who is often treated less like an independent 37-year-old multi-millionaire and more like the 12-year-old who still deserves to be left alone.

and some quality time doing something calming

Just imagine they're hippies.


Meanwhile, in the land of feminism, mild criticism is now “psychological violence.”

Lab Rat

[ Cough ] Belly dancer. [ Cough ]

OK so I clicked, partly because I have enjoyed the entertainment presented for our enjoyment by our gracious host and figured I'd return the favor, and partly for my own curiosity, as I was hoping for something...well, male, ok.

I should have known better. And the coloring! Gahhh. That does seem to be a pattern in biology, though, that bright, odd coloring is usually a warning signal to stay away.

I should have...


No refunds. Credit note only.


Just imagine they're hippies.

Nice idea, but hard to imagine they're hippies. When did you ever see people of patchouli moving faster than lichen?

R. Sherman

[ Cough ] Belly dancer. [ Cough ]

Part of this series then?


In 2010 he won the title of the Yellow Rose of Texas at Ya Halla Y'all in the Professional Tribal Alternative Men's category.

I am completely gobsmacked that there even is such a category, much less a winner in it.


Today’s word is crab bucket.


Feminist dilemma.

Here is another.

It's really quite extraordinary, especially the last third or so.

    The author is a sociology instructor ...

I have to ask, and not for the first time, what on Earth are they doing in sociology?


In what way is the wine-carry thing superior to holding the bloody bottle in your hand? What problem is being solved?


Further to this, what’s the opposite of backbone?

These so-called educators are unfit for purpose.


Speaking of Mr Corbyn,


"Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin is a member of the anti-fascist Facebook group, By Any Means Necessary, which orchestrated the riots that occurred ahead of a scheduled lecture by Milo Yiannopoulos."



Homer Simpson goes to Yale. Triggering ensues.

Spiny Norman


Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin is a member of the anti-fascist Facebook group, By Any Means Necessary...

I thought that was already known. I seem to recall that factoid being pointed out at the time of the anti-Milo riot.


These so-called educators are unfit for purpose.

Utterly depressing but, at least in the US, alumni organisations could discourage donations and try to exert some influence that way. What could be done here in the UK is more difficult to see.


David's crab bucket + Hal's cartoon = ^
Sort of.


Admit it. You want one:


Daniel Ream

Consensus is that it's fake, which shouldn't be surprising. There's no way that drone is large enough to lift a grown man.

Fuel Filter

Wymyn...as always, meddling in men's affairs.

Sticking their noses where they don't belong.

Smoking, drinking, coffee, it is as it ever was. Always trying to "fix".

On the Pussificatiion of men's sports in America:

I am sick to death of ESPN's (our major sports network) use of wymyn "announcers" in baseball.  They obviously don't know jack and it's a transparent ploy to get more wymyn to watch the game. Here's a hint, you bastards.  It's not gonna work and, in fact, it's alienating more and more men from the game each day. I love and adore my L.A. Dodgers but tune out when there's a skirt on the announcing team (like during opening week when the Dodgers played the Chicago Cubs. I changed the channel).

There are plenty of other games I automatically tune as well out due to these screeching bubblehead know-nothings being mere window dressing. Mindless "Feel Good" interviews in the middle of innings, usually done when a non-East coast team is at bat playing the opposite. 

The other one that really fries my nuts is the NHRA (National Hot Rod Associaton) and the ongoing white-knighting of wymyn drag racers.  This used to be a Real Man's sport. But now the power skirts are always front and center. And always, again, with the "Feel Good" interviews and spotlight features. (And don't even get me started on Anton Brown being the Jackie Robinson of drag racing.) The NHRA began pussifying it when they changed the 1/4 mile to 1,000 feet and then standardized the engines to create a "level playing field".  It used to come down to Ford v. Mopar v. Chevy. No longer, so only drivers to side with now. No brand loyalty whatsoever is allowed. "The beatings will continue until morale has improved."

When there are 2-3 skirts driving in each class it is almost a guaranteed outcome that at least one will make the final 4 out of 32 and then the skirt wins the trophy about 1/4 of the time. You do the math.  I now firmly believe the entire NHRA is a rigged game and have stopped watching it.

One more fan that has followed the sport since 1962. Now gone.

Poof. Thanks, wymyn.


French muslim. Heh.

Spiny Norman

Fuel Filter,

...the ongoing white-knighting of wymyn drag racers

Good grief. It's as if none of them have any idea who Shirley Muldowney is.

And don't even get me started on Anton Brown being the Jackie Robinson of drag racing.

No kidding.

Television sports coverage in the US has become cringe-worthy. It's as if the national sports networks (all of them) are run by "woke" 20-somethings. Damned amateur hour.

Black Ball

Television sports coverage in the US has become cringe-worthy. It's as if the national sports networks (all of them) are run by "woke" 20-somethings. Damned amateur hour.



In for a Penny, in for a pounding . . .

The coming British bloodbath: Theresa May’s “snap election” will be an epic disaster for the left. But why?

British politics has gone horribly wrong. . . .

. . .

The first thing to understand here is that Prime Minister Theresa May has not, in fact, called a general election. She has called a bloodbath.

. . .

I really don’t want to have to write about the Labour Party. It’s awful and embarrassing and painful and frankly I would rather eat foil.

Oh, c'mon now, don't hold back, tell us how you really feel . . . !


Some old bit of sheepskin turns up in the files.

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to visit a tiny records office in southern England because it claims to have a copy of the Declaration of Independence, a decent respect for history requires investigation.
Chester Draws

Penny really can't get a grip of the fact that Theresa May is popular. It's kind of frightening that she can look at the public opinion polls and still not grasp this simple fact.

Now, I understand that Penny might think that May's popularity is one or more of 1) wrong-headed, 2) short-lived, 3) bought by roubles or 4) because the alternatives are unappealing. But to actually think she isn't popular just defies belief.

I presume after you've spent decades re-writing history so that Margaret Thatcher was never popular either, despite massive election victories, bending the present to suit your ideals is child's play.

I think the damage to Labour might actually be worse than Penny imagines.


Utterly depressing but, at least in the US, alumni organisations could discourage donations and try to exert some influence

Rob Dreher has more:

These signatories do not belong in college. They do not understand what liberal education is, and have no respect for the rights of others within that educational community. They are manifestly opposed to the function of a university. If they continue to try to shut down free speech and open inquiry, they should be expelled without hesitation or apology… Elite American universities are at a crossroads. Either they stand up to racists like these students, and their fellow-traveling Jacobins, or they surrender their integrity, their conscience, and their essence. There is no middle ground.

That, as they say.


And the mild-mannered-to-a-fault Christina Hoff Sommers is apparently an “alt-right rape apologist.”

I’ve been assured that socialists are the clever ones.


David's crab bucket + Hal's cartoon = ^
Sort of.


And the mild-mannered-to-a-fault Christina Hoff Sommers is apparently an “alt-right rape apologist.”

Ben Shapiro is a FORMER editor for a reason. He's also an Orthodox Jew (who gets called a 'Nazi' by the Ctrl-Left a lot) who Milo went out of his way to personally attack after he left Breitbart.

"alt-right" has fast become a meaningless label.


In for a Penny, ...

I may be alone in this, but on reading that Slate article, I felt a palpable sense of relief - Miss Dreadful has finally come out of the political closet she has been hiding herself in all this time and has just come straight out with it (my italics):

    We are sick and tired of years of watching invertebrates and parasites suck the life out the body politic and being told this is what democracy looks like ...

    ... this is allowed. It is absolutely allowed, in a system that calls itself democratic and has not yet faced prosecution for false advertising. It shouldn’t be allowed, but it is.

    Theresa May [...] has abandoned almost all pretense of respect for the veneer of democratic decency lacquering the cracks in British civil society

    I am no longer a supporter of Scottish independence. I am now an advocate of Scottish invasion.

    Britain doesn’t do crypto-dictatorship with as much braggadocio as other nations I might mention, but we do it all the same. The answer is that British democracy is broken, and the pieces are on fire, and the people picking them up, the people trying to reassemble a fractured future for themselves in the shoddy rubble of this fucked-up country, will never work in Westminster.

There you go.

The line about wishing for an invasion by the Scots is intended as a joke, obviously, but the intention behind the joke is as startlingly clear as the other extracts I've picked out - Penny is begging for the iron hand of a dictator to sweep aside all those icky things she detests - you know, those icky things like other people having points of view that are not to her personal liking.

Like a thousand spoiled and smarmy pieces of shit that preceded her - Unity Mitford springs to mind - allowing the plebs the vote leads to all manner of bother - bother of the kind that sees Penny's pet politics never see the light of day (or if they do, only ever see it stillborn).

"Fascist" is so over used that its currency has been practically devalued - nevertheless, I find it really quite hard to read that Slate piece by Penny and not arrive at the conclusion that she is a thorough-going anti-democratic snobbish dictator-worshipping piece of shit.


This week's fake 'hate crime'...


Farnsworth M. Muldoon

The answer is that British democracy is broken...

Meanwhile, in France, members of Femen, allegedly feminists, were arrested trying to block people from voting for a woman who would be France's first woman president. I know I am mad to expect any kind of consistency from people, whether in the UK, the US, or now France who scream their adoration of democracy, but don't quite grasp that it really doesn't mean "riot when we get results we don't like".


"The line about wishing for an invasion by the Scots is intended as a joke, obviously"...

Not so obvious really, but then I am Northern.

A WOMAN who adds ‘LOL!’ to the end of all communication thinks she can get away with being completely vile.

Emma Bradshaw, 25, puts the irritating acronym at the end of texts, emails, Christmas cards, letters to the bank and any other message that includes something unpleasant.

Bradshaw said: “It’s a get out of jail free card for when I want to be an absolute fucker with no repercussions. Which is surely all anyone wants out of life?”

“And if anyone accuses me of being horrible, I can point out that it was clearly a big joke and make them feel like they’re being irritating, humourless twats.”

She added: “My favourite one was when I wrote a list of everything I found annoying about my boyfriend in his birthday card. He started crying and then I shouted ‘LOL!’ in his face until he stopped.”



A bit belated, but a note on complications from graduating from college in Canada . . .

'The millennial side hustle,' not stable job, is the new reality for university grads

---Or as someone I ran into a few months back described it, The scraps economy.

Since graduating last year, McCrave has applied for 250 engineering jobs, but he's only had four interviews and no job offer.

McCrave isn't alone. More than 12 per cent of Canadians between the ages of 15 and 24 are unemployed and more than a quarter are underemployed, meaning they have degrees but end up in jobs that don't require them.

The latest numbers from Statistics Canada show that the unemployment rate for 15-to-24-year-olds is almost twice that of the general population.

McCrave has expanded his job search to include retail and recently applied to work at the local Sobeys grocery store near his parents house in London, Ont., where he has lived since soon after graduation.

"It's a job. Something to feel accomplished from," said McCrave. "As much as an engineer can be accomplished by cutting deli meats."


Dr. Seuss on Hypnotism

When our girls strike they stage a floatout, and it's just too embarrassing for words.

Chester Draws

That Canadian engineering guy sounded wrong -- well qualified mechanical engineers get jobs. They might start with shitty jobs, but they get jobs.

Reasearch suggests a shortage of mechanical engineers in Canada:

Apparently mechanical engineer is even on the official shortage list.

Aaaaand -- he's got a job after all.


That Canadian engineering guy sounded wrong . . .

For general reference, the original /. article I ran across . . .

sorry but education takes a back seat to either who you know or who you are sleeping with or both. the hiring managers dont want to hire you if you are smarter than they are but we've known this for over 23 years.

the hiring managers dont want to hire you if you are smarter than they are

Bull. Self flattering bull. If true, no one would have a job. Yeah, no one will hire me, I'm too smart. It's an attitude problem right there. Or he has no such degree and is making this shit up. Or the number of applications is inflated. Who is vetting any of this BS?


Chester, while not being in Canada, I can tell you straight up that a shortage in engineering positions is buoyed by a demand for years of experience. I myself applied for several hundred jobs straight out of school, and can attest that a *starting* position without the HR "knack" or solid extra-hire process connections to make the sale is very, very difficult to obtain.

While the self-flattery the fellow puts on display is not to his credit, my impression has been that HR personnel usually have no understanding of job requirements in a technical field and must therefore use the (often overly specific) listings specification as Canon Law rather than a wish list. No great surprise that positions go begging.


"my impression has been that HR personnel usually have no understanding of job requirements in a technical field"

Oh, definitely part of the problem. I have gone recruiting with HR to campus job fairs and such. It would not surprise me that such is not part of this young man's problem, but the arrogance of "the hiring managers dont want to hire you if you are smarter than they are", being specific to the hiring manager, well..

It also would not surprise me if this young man might make a great first hire but if he has no one mentoring him on how the process works for a professional, or specifically, engineering environment, he has no means of understanding what he's failing at. But either way, a mechanical engineer should be open to other engineering positions as well or at the very least, take a mechanic-type job not something in a grocery store. Such would be fine for a business major.

Daniel Ream

I got out of engineering during undergrad to transfer into CS; best decision I ever made.

One thing I can say is that regardless of what the numbers say about demand, engineering in Canada has a closed shop problem. Existing engineers will only hire grads from the schools they went to.

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