The Moron Veto
She’s Radically Disgruntled

Friday Ephemera

I think it’s fair to call it a partial success. (h/t, Damian) // Today’s word is unceremonious. // Space make-up. // Thinking meat. // Crab versus banana. // With its devilled crabs and gold piano, the Everleigh Club was a better class of brothel. // Because at some point you’re going to want to hire a male belly dancer. // Some British follies. // Museum of Failure. // Fifteen seconds in, something can be heard. // Create your own language. // Lead us, oh wise one. // How to carry wine. // The coffee revolt of 1674. // Converted school. // Unrealistic New York apartments. // “I’m trans and I love Jordan Peterson.” // It’s the Japanese way. // His hand-carved food is more intricate than yours. // Feminist dilemma. // How to fix a faulty traffic light. // And finally, bluegrass interrupted.