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Friday Ephemera

Actually, it makes a lot more sense when you see it upside down. (h/t, Damian) // The adventures of Department S. (1969) // The ladies of the Hell’s Angels. // He likes to move it, move it. // Artificial menstruation. // Welcome to the world, little human. // Woof. // Making cassette tapes. // Meet Alan. // That’s not a flashlight, this is a flashlight. // Because you’ve always wanted to see a gummi bear in a vacuum chamber. // Robot punishment. // Raccoons versus soap bubbles. // Kenneth Williams visits Bloomsbury and the Brentford Piano Museum. (1975) // The various interviewees of Unsolved Mysteries. // How to make gravel. // Springs being made. // Marketing campaign of note. // And finally, his homemade kerosene-powered personal jet suit prototype is better than yours.


Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Don Rickles, 1926-2017.


Good thing we didn't have safe spaces, microaggressions and professional offense-takers when Rickles started out. RIP, ya hockey puck.

Sam Duncan

“That’s not a flashlight, this is a flashlight.”

No, this is a flashlight. (Same idea, more than double the power: 162,000 lumens. For comparison, a 60w-equivalent household bulb is around 800. Oh, and this guy mounted 250,000 lumens on a drone.)


The ladies of the Hell’s Angels.

Hell's Angel: The Autobiography Of Sonny Barger


Raccoons versus soap bubbles.

Raccoons vs cotton candy


Rickles and Sinatra


From The Hedgehog Review: (Spring 2017) "The Strange Persistence of Guilt" by Wilfred M. McClay

[V]ictimhood at its most potent promises not only release from responsibility, but an ability to displace that responsibility onto others. As a victim, one can project onto another person, the victimizer or oppressor, any feelings of guilt he might harbor, and in projecting that guilt lift it from his own shoulders. The result is an astonishing reversal, in which the designated victimizer plays the role of the scapegoat, upon whose head the sin comes to rest, and who pays the price for it. By contrast, in appropriating the status of victim, or identifying oneself with victims, the victimized can experience a profound sense of moral release, of recovered innocence. It is no wonder that this has become so common a gambit in our time, so effectively does it deal with the problem of guilt—at least individually, and in the short run, though at the price of social pathologies in the larger society that will likely prove unsustainable.
Which one of you reprobates is McClay?

Hopp Singg

I am SpartaMcClay!


Welcome to the world, little human.

Some of those are brilliant.


Some of those are brilliant.

They do rather catch the eye.


Real-life Jungle Book.


“We know there is an issue out already so don’t worry about that one.”

Corbyn supporters demand 30 pages of free publicity from the editor of the New Statesman.

Corbyn supporters demand 30 pages
There's such a thing as giving someone enough rope to hang themselves, but that probably stops short of an entire parcel truck's worth of rope. It's not free, is it?

The adventures of Department S.

Although Peter Wyngarde was primarily known as an actor, he also had a brief career as a recording artiste and sang some lovely tunes.


Peter Wyngarde... also had a brief career as a recording artiste

Blimey. It’s an awful lot to process in one sitting.

Steve E

The Hell's Angels thought Hunter S. Thompson was a poseur.



Tom Hardy Grunt counter.


Fun bunch of Friday Ephemera.

Some random thoughts:

1. It's surprising how many people were surprised when Peter Wyngarde came out as gay.
2. It really does make more sense upside down.
3. Write out ten thousand times, "I will not try to kill Sarah Connor."
4. Real life Iron Man? Good luck, but rather you than me.

Thanks for sharing.


Tom Hardy Grunt counter.

A labour of love. Or a very specific kink.

Nate Whilk

Real-life Jungle Book.
Posted by: [+] | April 07, 2017 at 08:18

Update: not real. http://nypost.com/2017/04/08/girl-raised-by-monkeys-was-likely-abandoned-by-family/

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