And Who Are We Today?
A Gathering Of The Pious

Friday Ephemera

Blondie. (h/t, Obo) // Subtle dildo, a can-you-spot-it game for all the family. It’s harder than you think. // At last, artisanal meat grinding. // Always respect the media. // Passing maglevs. // How rural people pass the time. (h/t, Matthew) // He does this better than you do. // Howling at the effect while ignoring the cause. // Jordan Peterson holds court at Harvard. // I think that’s probably close enough. // Ladybird mechanics. // Using bamboo. // Admit it, they’re better behaved than your kids. // That’s not wisteria, this is wisteria. // Webslinger. // You want one and you know it. // Odd-looking dog is fond of water. // Done with mirrors. // Kouhei Nakama’s Makin’ Moves. // This. // 1,000,000 lbs of force. // And finally, unfortunately, when your bee beard malfunctions.