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Friday Ephemera

They do this better than you do. // Chap has skillz. (h/t, Tim) // “Chestfeeding” is a thing now. // Don’t look down. // Japanese robot fighting is brutal and brisk. // Bowling ball coffee table, $1,650. // Portable barbecue suitcase. (h/t, Coudal) // Bird sounds, visualised. // The high life. // His low-altitude flying is better than yours. // Humour is not permitted. // The mysteries of dry cleaning. // Unearthing Denmark’s oldest known toilet. // Artificial intelligence merges dinosaurs with flowers and nineteenth century fruit engravings. // The wonders of state schooling. (h/t, Darleen) // Pretty but impractical. // Always respect the media. // This. (h/t, Ace) // That. // With paint, soap and oil. // For your felt fake product needs. // And finally, all too aptly, a vintage voice-over of note.