It Does Indeed
Respect Me, You Motherfucker

Friday Ephemera

Intrigue of the day. (h/t, Obo) // Interspecies smackdown. // Yes, but it all seems a bit unnecessary. // Domino physics. // Fly guy. // Infinite string quartet. Drag, drop and listen. // Dronestagram. // Among giants. // No Stick Shooter is a game. Things may get a little fraught. // A museum of vintage hi-fi. // If they learn to make fire, we’re totally screwed. // Assorted French textile samples, 1863. // At last, LED eyelashes for maximum fabulousness. // Meanwhile, in Japan. (h/t, Damian) // 5000-piece, 5000-colour jigsaw of note. // Passing Jupiter. // Just “a leg or two.” // Learning curve. (h/t, Old Holborn) // A 12-year-old ventriloquist. // Always respect the media. // And finally, exhaustingly, “When I’m relaxed and chillin’ I can go up to ten, twenty minutes without ticcing.”