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June 13, 2017



One day you're going to pay for making us watch these things.


Ms Homma spends her time telling us, repeatedly, what kind of person she is.

Thank god she's not just another no-talent narcissist.


The daughters of Dunning-Kruger, they walk among us.


Thanks for that.


Given Ms Homma’s grin to camera at the end, I assume the ladies were pleased with their artistic feat. Despite their being upstaged by the passing shirtless guy.


creative tremendousness,

I got lost in "The Feminist Economics Department"

Thomas Fuller

The dog-bark is obviously part of the performance, and is an ironic reference to her bipedalism; we experience the world wrongly, as we are inherently unstable and our heads are too far above the ground, whereas the dog, here referenced as not only an exemplar of the quadruped but also as man's best friend, experiences life more fundamentally, aided, moreover, by a sense of smell compared with which ours is at best rudimentary – hence, as our best friend, it is advising us to get down on all fours, where we once were, and become tetrapods again.

This is all so self-evident that I am amazed no one has commented on it before. But there is an alternative interpretation, and it is this:

I have just wasted 8 minutes of my life, 1'28" of which were spent watching as much of that video as I could stomach, the rest being used to write this comment.


I got lost in “The Feminist Economics Department”

I do hope you enjoyed Collective Debt As Sound, a towering work, in which we learn that a room full of dupes scraping chairs about and hooting is actually a way “to stop the spread of precariousness, psychic fragility and desolidarization,” and to “disrupt complacent economic sociality through clear sonic communication,” and thereby “tune into a shared vibration.”

Yes, feminist economics. It’s a wonder to behold.


whereas the dog, here referenced as not only an exemplar of the quadruped

Four legs good, art degree bad.


Don't know if anyone caught the 'Bandstand' performance at the Tonys but it does make me wonder whether these performance artists are lacking in some of the fine details of the performing arts in comparison.


I got lost in "The Feminist Economics Department"

Everyone does.

R. Sherman

A bit of historical trivia occurred to me while slogging through the above links and video: The surname of the Japanese general responsible for the Bataan Death March was "Homma."

R. Sherman

Béla Károlyi, please pick up the white courtesy phone.


I got lost in “The Feminist Economics Department”

I can’t help noticing that Ms Cassie Thornton, the “feminist economist” in question, struggles to organise her thoughts, or to format text, and seems unable to maintain even a rudimentary website. As symbolism goes, it’s almost too on-the-nose.


Once again I'm struck by the blatant amateurishness of this. Sixth-graders goofing around with a GoPro make better films. If there was a script or plan for this, or if Ms. Homma and her fellow grifters actually rehearsed their random flailings-about, I will cheerfully drive a nail through one of my hands.


I will cheerfully drive a nail through one of my hands.

It’s been done.


Once again I’m struck by the blatant amateurishness of this.

The term aesthetic impotence comes to mind.


Not creative tremendousness. Creative enormity, surely.
Also, less of a gorilla performance and more of a diseased and lethargic tarsier performance.

Daniel Ream

It's like watching parkour fail vidoes on YouTube in extreme slow motion.

Billy Whiz

these things always bring this to mind: https://youtu.be/so9U5Fu4v2k


"I got lost in "The Feminist Economics Department""

Is it like a Giant Vagina?


"I will cheerfully drive a nail through one of my hands."

Lord Vetinari is on top of that:

What about this one, then?" said Nobby, pointing to the adjacent plinth. "It’s just a big stake with a nail in it! Is this art, too?"

"Freedom? If it hwas ever on the market, it hwould probableah fetch thirty thousand dollars," said Sir Reynold.

"For a bit of wood with a nail in it?" said Fred Colon. "Who did it?"

"After he viewed Don’t Talk to Me About Mondays!, Lord Vetinari graciousleah had Ms. Pouter nailed to the stake by her ear," said Stitched. "However, she did manage to pull free during the afternoon."

"I bet she was mad!" said Nobby.

"Not after she hwon several awards for it. I believe she’s planning to nail herself to several other things. It could be a very exciting exhibition."


Speaking of art, does anyone have the Cthulhu: Virtual Pet game and if so can you tell me how to play it? It came with no instructions and the video's confusing ( and very small on the screen for some reason). I figured out how to feed him, flush the toilet, and give him a bath. What's all that other stuff?

Is it like a Giant Vagina?
I keep agitating for David to make more use of that tag.

No, it looks more like a baby octopus that had a squid or two in the family woodpile.

Twisted Root

This performance needs to be viewed in the context of the primary theme of Werther’s essay on cultural
rationalism is the role of the observer as poet. The subject is contextualised
into a postdialectic sublimation that includes art as a reality. Thus, Derrida
promotes the use of subcapitalist deconstructivist theory to modify truth.

Bataille uses the term ‘social realism’ to denote a mythopoetical whole. But
an abundance of materialisms concerning the role of the observer as artist


Right! What Twisted Root said!

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Indigenous activists want to make "cultural appropriation" illegal worldwide.

Fuck them.

Farnsworth M. Muldoon

Twisted - I have to disagree, we have to consider what Baudrillard said, “Sexual identity is part of the genre of art,” however, according to Wilson, it is not so much sexual identity that is part of the genre of art, but rather the meaninglessness, and subsequent collapse, of sexual identity. In Stardust, Gaiman denies surrealism; in Death: The Time of Your Life, however, he analyses dialectic objectivism. However, if surrealism holds, we have to choose between Lacanist obscurity and postconceptualist desituationism.

Several narratives concerning not, in fact, theory, but pretheory exist. It could be said that the subject is interpolated into a surrealism that includes reality as a whole.

Thomas Fuller

Twisted Root has it arse-upwards, as usual. What xe means to say is this:

“Truth is elitist,” says Foucault; however, according to de Selby, it is not so much truth that is elitist, but rather the futility, and eventually the rubicon, of truth. The neotextual paradigm of reality implies that society has intrinsic meaning, given that Derrida’s critique of Baudrillardist simulacra is invalid. However, the subject is interpolated into a Sontagist camp that includes language as a paradox.

The characteristic theme of the works of Gaiman is a deconstructive reality. Debord suggests the use of pretextual deappropriation to deconstruct sexism. It could be said that Foucault uses the term ‘subpatriarchialist dematerialism’ to denote the role of the writer as reader. If the patriarchialist paradigm of consensus holds, the works of Gaiman are an example of mythopoetical rationalism. Therefore, many deconstructivisms concerning the paradigm, and hence the failure, of postconstructive sexual identity exist.

Derrida uses the term ‘Baudrillardist simulacra’ to denote not theory, as Sontagist camp suggests, but subtheory. It could be said that the premise of structuralist objectivism holds that the State is fundamentally a legal fiction."

This, I think, is the correct hermeneutical, indeed hegemonal, interpretation of the piece in question.


I’m flooding the lower decks with Neurozine gas.


Like the pantheist's boots!

R. Sherman

I’m flooding the lower decks with Neurozine gas.

We need a Kate Upton photo, stat!


A work of inspired genius! You scoffers and mockers are nothing but redneck philistines!

Although I would have liked to see a pie thrown in the participants' faces.


I've commented here before about the huge descriptions one tends to come across at art galleries these days, making it clear the art itself (which could be nothing more than a painted dot on a wall) is utterly insignificant besides the fluency the artist demonstrates in self-aggrandising wankspeak.

Well, I was at a concert last night and it seems composers do it too.

Many of the pieces were lovely and the composers had very little to say about them, besides a few technical comments ('based on a Latvian folk song, with influences from Lutheran chorales', that sort of thing). But one piece had a lengthy introduction by the composer somehow linking terrorism and global warming and several other causes du jour in a grand thesis.

The music itself was a mess. Silly vocal glissandos and spitting sounds.

Music academies have been around for centuries without encouraging this kind of wankspeak. Berlioz attended a musical academy in the early 19th century and he wrote literary as well as musical masterpieces. Mutter mutter mutter what is this world coming to mutter mutter...


Reminds me so much of Fonteyn, as the Black Swan, doing a zillion fourettes with Rudy.


I only watched 2 minutes or so but I don't get it. If the lady on the right really wants to help the drunk wino, why doesn't she just use the steps/entrance that shirtless gym shorts guy went through?


Ahh...postconceptualist desituationism...I really should read the upthread comments before posting. Apologies all around.

R. Sherman

I really should read the upthread comments before posting.

I dunno. It was starting to sound like a few almost-drunk guys at the airport Holiday Inn bar in Topeka, KS trying to hit on Judith Butler.

R. Sherman


My rule: If an artist has to explain it, it's crap.

Twisted Root

Thomas Fuller - You are forgetting that the premise of conceptualist predialectic theory holds that the
significance of the artist is significant form, but only if language is
distinct from culture. If precapitalist cultural theory holds, we have to
choose between the dialectic paradigm of discourse and the textual paradigm of

The narrative of hetronormative discourse undermines precapitalist
cultural theory to denote the common ground between society and class.
Notwithstanding that the conceptual penis is a social construct.


Hi TedS, OK, but they can't appropriate our antibiotics and electricity.


Although I would have liked to see a pie thrown in the participants' faces.

I'll see your pie and raise you a sack of flour, a broom, and a century.


Ms Homma tells us that she likes to “interrogate the human condition by searching for movement that exaggerates the behaviour of our species,”

Also already been done.


One day you’re going to pay for making us watch these things.

Hey, I’m just trying to show off the gruelling standards, the bleeding edge of expertise, expected of our artistic Brahmin.

Thomas Fuller

Twisted Root

I've got your conceptualist predialectic theory, dangling.


TedS & Pogonip, I was a touch concerned given Taco Tuesday is a family favourite, then I saw that they are taking the cause to the UN. So the only outcome will be in about a decade when the committee they are petitioning will release a report condemning Israel for some unrelated issue.


"Now feast ye. Gorge on that art."

I burped.


Also already been done.

Before reaching your comment the question had occurred to me, "Which would you rather endure: five minutes of waterboarding, or five hours of 'interrogating' 'art'?"

As Glumpe proposed to Pinckwerts, "Great intellects align in uniformity."


This is why State funding of Art is required, otherwise dangerous work like this would never be made.


Cthulhu survived the night but I still can't figure out what half those buttons are for. Can anyone recommend a friendly game forum where an old lady can ask about it without being scolded?


My rule: If an artist has to explain it, it's crap.

I remember when my sister was very young, like 3 or 4, and this self-esteem crap was just starting to get traction. My parents, as they were instructed, instructed me not to ask her, in reference to her scribbled crayon drawings, "What is this a picture of?" but to say "That's pretty. Explain it to me". Because of course the former would be interpreted by the young child as a lack of competence. Which of course would damage her psyche. Two end points of a very long line. I of course say this because my psyche was irreparably damaged at a very young age by being asked "What is this a picture of?". Thank God we've broken that cycle.

Killer Marmot

Far better that Homma be creating banal schlock and writing tweets extolling her attributes than being in a position of responsibility.


“The daughters of Dunning-Kruger, they walk among us.”

So much for 'regression to the mean' as an answer why the children of genius parents are not so likely to exceed the genius of their parents. There might be a gene or set of genes that carry a Dunning-Kruger expression, or it might be just a learnt thing in today's university graduates. How you teach someone to exhibit Dunning-Kruger I don't know, but the indications are that it starts early in school and has something to do with 'narratives' and the rejection of the concept of indisputable facts.


Ted S in the Catskills said;

"Indigenous activists want to make `cultural appropriation` illegal worldwide"

Oh goody! I look forward to seeing non European people forsaking and never using anything invented by Europeans ever again.

Jim Kimball

Parkour or performance art either way it's really bad/

Bunk Strutts

Am I the only one here that would rather watch Type III black asphalt steep drip in real time?


Am I the only one here that would rather watch Type III black asphalt steep drip in real time?

You watched it?

Bunk Strutts

Believe it or not, I did. Years ago we took the kids to The La Brea Tar Pits (which translates to The The Tar Tar Pits) and they had an exhibit featuring dripping pit tar. A blob drips once a day or so.

Bunk Strutts

If I find a live webcam I'll post the link.


Years ago we took the kids to The La Brea Tar Pits (which translates to The The Tar Tar Pits)

Mount Fujiyama

and they had an exhibit featuring dripping pit tar

Oh. I meant watching the pretension video or whatever it was that David started things here with. Then again I pointedly don't watch news either, that's what reading is for---of course, though, I can read immensely faster that some twit can tell about random hearsay while staring into a camera.

Watching tar drip is bog standard science practice.


I'm real sorry, but if I don't see a gorilla in the first 30 seconds, I stop watching.

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