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Your Knowledge Of Past Events Is Counter-Revolutionary

It’s A Feast For The Senses

Attention, lowly peasants - art is happening. Today I bring you an untitled “guerrilla performance” by “artist, healer and dancer” Shizu Homma, and an associate named aj, filmed in New York City, April 2010. Ms Homma tells us that she likes to “interrogate the human condition by searching for movement that exaggerates the behaviour of our species,” and that she’s “available for masterclasses, workshops, and choreography.” When not shaking the artistic landscape with her creative tremendousness, Ms Homma spends her time telling us, repeatedly, what kind of person she is.

Now feast ye. Gorge on that art. 

Another “guerrilla performance” featuring Ms Homma, equally staggering in its scope and profundity, can be savoured here