It’s Harder Than You’d Think
Mother’s Milk

Friday Ephemera

She’s a big girl. // He’s a big girl. // Vertical exercise bike. // The world’s longest running lab experiment, complete with gripping live feed. // Maglev self-levelling elevator goes up and down, also sideways and diagonally. // Cheap old houses. TLC not included. // Looking for lodgers? // Homeland of tea. // Yes, but is the coffee any good? // A dossier of monsters. // The squid and the whale. // I’m pretty sure he does this better than you do. // Oh, what are the humans doing now? // No, after you. // Pea salad. // Pecking order. // “Just don’t provoke them,” he reassured. (h/t, Julia) // A collection of period Maoist posters. // “Sometimes they can act like a solid.” // At last, your very own private island. // And finally, rather emphatically, there may be some softening of the metal.