The Small Matter Of The Bar Tab
When Being “Woke” Is Bad For You

Friday Ephemera

This is one of these. // Attention, all fashion-conscious gentlemen. (h/t, Julia) // Why people get dashcams. // Where cash is (nearly) obsolete. // Students on socialism. // Lab-grown capillaries. // Lesbians, 1965. // Lauv. // On colour in film. // Fish farms, from above. // Seen from below. (h/t, Damian) // A brief history of cellophane. // Deconstructed cow. // An archive of vintage Galaxy magazines. // And one of Amazing Stories. // Tag is a pro sport. // Something error happen. // “Maintenance on this track has been deferred for a long time.” // “When she was seen two weeks after… her eyes felt a lot more comfortable.” // Chopsticks of note. // Two for the price of one. // I do like the planes. // And finally, via Elephants Gerald and probably best with subtitles, Song of Bolo.