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Mother’s Milk

Glenn Reynolds responds to what I can only describe as an example of malevolent feminism:

The quality men you want don’t want an angry feminist such as yourself, who’s disloyal even to her own sons. Why would they?

If you think that sounds unkind, see for yourself.


Added via the comments, a brief summary: 

Jody Allard, a single mother and doctrinaire feminist – doctrinaire to a degree one might call delusional – humiliates her own teenage sons in a national newspaper - for daring to question feminist conceits and the notion of “rape culture” - and publicly disdains them as “part of the problem,” as being “men like these,” i.e., as misogynists, abusers, potential rapists.

Then the inevitable happens:

My sons encountered my words about them on their friends’ phones, their teachers’ computers, and even overheard them discussed by strangers on a crowded metro bus.

And when one of her sons explains how hurt he felt by this warped characterisation and public humiliation, Ms Allard doesn’t apologise for her betrayal. Instead, she professes a duty to “educate” him, to “challenge” his “perception of himself” as someone who’s been grossly maligned by his own mother. A mother who then publishes another article, seen widely, in which she does exactly the same thing and implies, based on nothing, that her own sons, simply by virtue of being white and male, aren’t “safe” to be around. And at no point does Ms Allard consider the possibility that this is something that sane and loving parents do not do. Neither does she pause to question her own dogma and its role in her own obvious unhappiness. An unhappiness she seems determined to spread.

And do note that one of Ms Allard’s sons has been feeling suicidal. And yet she persists.

Update 2:

Somewhat related, the feminist parenting of former educator Polly Dunning. Ms Dunning tells us that she’s totally opposed to “casual and ingrained sexism.” And yet she “felt sick” at even the thought of “something male” growing inside her. Because a son wouldn’t “fit in” with her feminism.