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Friday Ephemera

Time Sinks

Commenter John D asked if I had a list of the Android games I’ve linked to in various Friday Ephemera posts. I didn’t, but as he asked nicely, and hit the tip jar, I felt obliged to throw one together. It’s quite possible I’ve missed a few, so the following list may be expanded in the comments.  

Osmos. Do try to avoid being digested.

The Sequence. For the logically inclined.

Causality. Meddle with time. What could possibly go wrong?

Ultraflow. It’s easier if you stay calm, I think. Better than its sequel

Swapperoo. Still in heavy rotation here at Guild of Evil HQ.

No Stick Shooter. Old school arms race, escalates quickly.

Prism. Geometry can be fun. 

Monument Valley. Splendidly Escheresque.

Dark Echo. I think there’s something in here with us.

Spaceplan. Warping space-time with potatoes. 

Feel free to share any recommendations of your own.