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They Come To Teach Us

And behold their glittering minds: 

You shouldn’t even have an opinion about this.

The above exchange was filmed at the Boston Free Speech Rally, August 19. A longer, even more educational version, with lots of additional shoving and liveliness, is embedded below the fold. And remember, these Children of Marcuse, the ones demanding “empathy” while laughing at accounts of random beatings, have been educated, quite thoroughly.

Update, via the comments:

The longer video does, I think, capture a basic dynamic, a root pathology.

While professing their compassion and high-mindedness, and therefore their superiority, the Mao-lings seem determined to out-group Polite Guy and tar him as an interloper, a “white supremacist,” etc., based on nothing at all, except for the fact that he’s white. When this characterisation fails as implausible, and Polite Guy remains polite and pointedly unthreatening, the Mao-lings then get even more hostile and menacing, before assaulting him from behind as he’s trying to leave. Presumably because he made their preposterous self-image more difficult to sustain. And so he must pay.

But such is Mao-ling psychodrama. There’s no point trying to engage with it rationally, except to reveal what it is, and no reward for being civil. It’s just a ball of vanity and malice. And so the Mao-lings who are shrieking at Polite Guy demand to know, “When have you ever been oppressed?” And they ask this while laughing at his assault, mocking his politeness, and shortly before assaulting him themselves.

Update 2:

In the comments, Daniel Ream notes,

We have entire institutions dedicated to producing hordes of young people with a kind of artificial cluster B personality disorder.

Well, yes. And I suppose that if you were feeling charitable, which may be a big ask, you might register the sadness of it all. In that, if you take lots of young people who are credulous and/or narcissistic, or who actually have cluster B personalities, and whose expectations of status are at odds with their capabilities - and you tell them, repeatedly, for years, that any personal failure or shortcoming, any difficulty or mental discomfort, is a result of oppression and therefore someone else’s fault, someone they should punish, then the behaviour seen above will tend to be the result. That, or something very much like it.

And once you’ve cultivated this level of dysfunction, this self-flattery and vindictiveness, it’s hard to see how it can be undone. Those seduced by it may well remain broken.

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