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A Balanced Individual

Further to comments in this thread here, regarding Dr Michael Isaacson, an adjunct professor who specialises in “anti-capitalist economic theories,” further details have emerged regarding the loud and relentless buzzing noise inside his head:

The Daily Caller was alerted… to a host of tweets by Isaacson that were only just brought to light Wednesday. The tweets, some of which were deleted following coverage of Isaacson in the media, call not only for Antifa protests, but for killing the police.

“What’s even the point,” asks Dr Isaacson, “of a cop that isn’t dead?” Titillating thoughts of police officers being murdered, including future officers among his own students, and violence generally, are a recurring theme in said gentleman’s Twitter feed, with many variations. Including, rather succinctly, “Dead cops are good.” You see, hinting coyly about burning down police stations “with an accelerant” is what the modern educator does. Oh, and apparently, if students can “overthrow capitalism,” and if certain people are killed, this will “stop war.”

And remember, these aren’t the ravings of a delinquent, simple-minded teenager. These are the ravings of a grown man employed to impart knowledge at CUNY’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice.