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September 12, 2017



In some cases, transgenderism is a reaction to horrific sexual abuse, such that people flee their own sex. Being a boy/girl is what got them abused, so the only way they can be safe is to become the opposite sex.

But don't forget the East German women's Olympic teams, who were fed "vitamins" to improve their performance. Because the steroids were administered during their adolescent years, some of them decided to transition into men while others became lesbians, and pretty much all of them were discombobulated to some degree by the androgens.

There's your brain structure at birth, and then there's the influence of hormones post-birth, and then there's adolescence.

Nature or nurture or volition? Cripes, why pick one? I doubt there's a human phenomenon on earth that isn't influenced by all three.


Their disorder was treated.

Not sure that's a valid description. "Treatment" would generally refer to a cure or at least an amelioration of a given condition. One would not "treat" anorexia-nervosa with lap-band surgery or a gastric bypass. Likewise a psychotic should probably be discouraged from indulging in most recreational drugs.

Does anyone know if any therapies for trans-sexualism which do NOT involve massive cosmetic surgery, something which would address the neurology or the problem instead, are being investigated?

R. Sherman

Does anyone know if any therapies for trans-sexualism which do NOT involve massive cosmetic surgery, something which would address the neurology or the problem instead, are being investigated?

See the comment on the previous page (I think) regarding the "trans manifesto." Part of the agenda is make any treatment options or advice from medical professionals illegal.


I guess this film is now on the To Be Burned list:

This Next David Thompson Page, 1789.


the "trans manifesto."

Yeah, I saw that. Perhaps they'd prefer to be surgically enhanced by this guy: http://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/fake-doctor-injected-cement-and-fix-a-flat-into-patients-butt-6544305


Should've read the article. The "guy" was apparently female, so "gal".

I don't think her sex would've impacted the quality of her work though.

Alex deWinter

There's also Androgen">https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/001180.htm">Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, which from my admittedly-cursory reading comes in different degrees of severity. It, however, has actual measurable genetic/physical signifiers. I'm open to the idea that the white matter differences mentioned above are a similar sort of marker for an actual biological basis for some instances of transgenderism, but given the decibel level of the hysterical shrieking the topic engenders in ostensible 'trans-rights activists,' I'm not sanguine about any objective, scientific studies being done, or the results being heard above the din.

Alex deWinter

Note to self: preview is your friend.

Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome


Right, that’s tomorrow’s ephemera compiled. It’ll materialise in a couple of hours.

And now, to bed.

Please dispose of any gum thoughtfully.


Sociology purports to be the study of society as a whole... the body of the majority. The normal people.

Even as shabby a social science as it is, an activist trying to confuse young people and effectively hijack their personal growth is not even doing that.

He isn't a student of society, he's trying to vandalize human nature.


Or it's like Phantom Limb Syndrome, but with the Naughty Bits

I could see how that might apply to FtoM trans, but for MtoF trans, would have to be called Extra Limb Syndrome...


Helpfully, WearYourVoiceMag explains leftism to us deluded conservatives...


Unsurprisingly, right-wing ideologues and the large swathe of liberals that protect and sustain their agenda often purposefully conflate, simplify, or paint over these concepts with a broad brush stroke. Any sort of ideology related to communism or socialism must be bad, since it is associated with Stalin and the “evil Soviets” of the 1960’s and 70’s. And any concepts related to anarchism or anti-fascism must be hell-bent on the destruction of property and nothing else.

These are some of the uneducated myths that swirl around the collective conservative-liberal consciousness, and they are myths that are rooted in a blind adherence to the status quo and fear of any sort of structural change to the way in which society is organized (which, under capitalism, depends on an extremely unequal distribution of resources and a system that exploits the labor of the majority so that a small number can benefit from the wealth this labor creates).

Ed Snack

I don't think AIS is really related to the current gender dysphasia hysteria. AIS suffered (and I know/knew) of one, are an actual physical defect. The case I knew off was a CAIS or complete AIS person, they had no reaction to androgens because of a genetic fault. They developed and grew up as female, and saw them selves as female even after the diagnosis. They had no uterus and un-descended testicles that were surgically removed (apparently a high cancer risk if left in). They were apparently able to function as a non-reproductive capable female, never to my knowledge had any desire to be male. And in their case futile in many ways, hormone treatment would not, could not work as that was their problem, male hormones failed to masculinise them from conception on.

Just FWIW.

Farnsworth M. Muldoon

The gender confused meets the Clown Quarter yet again, as Bradley Manning is named a "senior fellow" at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government Institute of Politics.

Broadening the range and depth of opportunity for students to hear from and engage with experts, leaders and policy-shapers is a cornerstone of the Institute of Politics...Manning is a Washington D.C. based network security expert and former U.S. Army intelligence analyst. She speaks on the social, technological and economic ramifications of Artificial Intelligence through her op-ed columns for The Guardian and The New York Times.

Well, OK, he is an expert on how to subvert security measures, but other than that, he has no particular expertise in anything. One can only hope Harvard, already a joke, suffers the same fate as Mizzou.


It's transphobic if you say no:



The gender confused meets the Clown Quarter yet again, as Bradley Manning is named a "senior fellow" at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government Institute of Politics.

More proof that God wants me to become an alcoholic.


The case I knew of was a CAIS or complete AIS person

Also the basis for an episode of "House, MD," wherein the patient was an apparent woman with testicular cancer.

Rich Rostrom

For me, the clinching evidence for the neurological basis of gender identity is the case of Bruce/"Brenda" Reimer. When Bruce was a year old, his penis was seriously mutilated in a botched circumcision (by a urologist, not a mohel). A clever-dick psychologist persuaded his working-class parents to have the remaining genitals removed and raise the child as a girl. But the treatment failed; despite no physical evidence and the earnest efforts of the parents, the child insisted "I'm a boy!"

I can easily believe (as David noted) that a similar mismatch of body and brain could very rarely arise naturally.

Unfortunately, this existence of this condition is being exploited by fetishists like the professor. I've known two MtF transsexuals personally. Neither of them was much interested in sensuously feminine clothing or in trying to look "sexy". What they felt was intolerable discomfort with their "wrong" genders. Either of them, I think, would have very relieved to become a dumpy, homely woman.

Daniel Ream

Some trans-sexuals[...] strike me as eminently sane, at least now. However, many other trans-sexuals strike me as mentally ill [...] or neurotically eccentric

One of the reasons psychiatry has been switching from a symptom-based diagnostic practice to an etiology-based one is that different etiologies can lead to similar symptomatic behaviours; yet the etiology determines which treatment will be most effective. I believe that whatever-the-hell-we're-calling-this-disorder-this-week falls into this category: there are likely multiple etiologies that can lead to the expression of a "gender identity" different from one's sex.

It certainly seems, from the literature, as if nearly all FtM transsexuals are pursuing the transition in subconscious response to horrific childhood sexual abuse.

Does anyone know if any therapies for trans-sexualism which do NOT involve massive cosmetic surgery

One claim (that I lack the knowledge to confirm or refute) is that many, possibly most transsexuals have autogynephilia, a paraphilia where they are aroused by the notion of dressing as a woman (Cremin certainly seems to fall into this category). I've seen the blog of more than one such who claims that treatment with anti-OCD medication is highly effective.

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