Remember The Good Times
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Friday Ephemera

Man plays saxophone without a saxophone. || The eternal battle of wits. || Boo. || I bring you art. || Birmingham. || GIF juxtapositions. || Designer cat furniture by Okawa Kagu. || Where priests get their clothes. || I question the practicality. || Invaders from the future. || Indelicate phrasing. (h/t, Julia) || Also somewhat unfortunate. || An Islamic scholar speaks: “The Earth is fixed and does not move. This is in keeping with the Quranic text, and it makes sense as well.” || Trees that wouldn’t die. || Atlas of the underworld. || Things to come. || Organ pipes. || Assorted paper wigs. A tad ostentatious. || Vanity. || Varieties of sushi. And yes, since you ask, there will be a test. || Hubris and nemesis. || A sense of proportion. || And finally, children can be surprising, and in all sorts of ways.