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Man plays saxophone without a saxophone. || The eternal battle of wits. || Boo. || I bring you art. || Birmingham. || GIF juxtapositions. || Designer cat furniture by Okawa Kagu. || Where priests get their clothes. || I question the practicality. || Invaders from the future. || Indelicate phrasing. (h/t, Julia) || Also somewhat unfortunate. || An Islamic scholar speaks: “The Earth is fixed and does not move. This is in keeping with the Quranic text, and it makes sense as well.” || Trees that wouldn’t die. || Atlas of the underworld. || Things to come. || Organ pipes. || Assorted paper wigs. A tad ostentatious. || Vanity. || Varieties of sushi. And yes, since you ask, there will be a test. || Hubris and nemesis. || A sense of proportion. || And finally, children can be surprising, and in all sorts of ways.




children can be surprising

Actually, not that surprising, but hey:

"Say son, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?"


I don't get the joke with the upside-down coin in the Twitter about boning dogs. But then sometimes I am a bit slow on the uptake.

And I can't resist posting this sequence of words from Ace even though it's offtopic:

"I Can't Believe I'm Watching Another Video Rebutting This Guy Who Says He's a Girl but He's Also a Lesbian Girl With a Penis Who Likes Putting His Lesbian Penis Into Girls Who Don't Have Penises and His Claims That if Lesbians Won't Date Him and His Penis They're 'Cissexist'"


Interesting how the “all sorts of ways” link/tweet about a 3yo pissing in a drawer resulted in a twitter war about how there’s no such thing as reverse racism. Maybe ‘interesting’ isn’t the right word.

Sam Duncan


Looks like things have gone downhill since Kojak's day.

“Designer cat furniture by Okawa Kagu.”

Or... giant man-eating mega-cats? (I mean, it's Japan; it could be either.)

And, since I'll probably forget before the next Ephemeraren't: The whole world in ASCII.


Also...Blue Peter?


“Kojack’s day”

Like the part where old Telly says, “You feel like you’ve been projected into the 21st century”. Heh.


I think the upside down coin thing is a stroke joke, iykwim.

OK, I’ll quit now lest I start to develop some sort of contrarian compulsions.


Airplane boy has better elocution and a larger vocabulary than too many of the college students with whom I deal daily.

Richard Cranium

I bring you art.

I refuse to go for the cape.


I think this is art


Hubris and nemesis.



So is Hillary president of Costco now?


So is Hillary president of Costco now?

It’s a moral tale for our times.


children can be surprising,

Yeah, kid could fly the plane but he can't fist bump.


Yeah, kid could fly the plane but he can’t fist bump.

Much as I’m impressed by the aeronautical knowledge of Child #1, I’m also impressed by the fact that Child #2’s secret pee-drawer didn’t leak.

That’s quality work, that is.

Daniel Ream

I bring you art.

Must you?


Must you?

Oh, you deserve nothing less.


Also...Blue Peter?

You know, for kids.


And finally, children can be surprising, and in all sorts of ways.

The smart kid's got 'future super-villain' written all over him.


The smart kid’s got ‘future super-villain’ written all over him.

Heh. He’s adorable. Though, I grant you, if he’s ever working late in the lab and there’s an accident involving lightning and hazardous chemicals… well, all bets are off.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

From the newly released JFK files:


Airplane boy has better elocution and a larger vocabulary than too many of the college students with whom I deal daily.

A suitably severe education could take care of those attributes.

Captain Nemo

I bring you art.

I don't think I even need to click on the link. It's Sandra Shaeffer [?] again, isn't it?


It’s Sandra Shaeffer [?] again, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s the immensely talented Ms Sandrine Schaefer. With a blouse full of chilies and some bonus side-boob.


Readers who missed Ms Schaefer’s previous offerings can find them here, here and here.

I spoil you heathens, I really do.



As the Armenians used to say, "Remember it was a Kurd who struck you."

The culture-enriching fellow was perhaps just wanting to test out his new kuffar-kicking shoes.


Pianists of note.


Golden Retrievers are Savage.

(Via Orwell&Goode)


Dammit! Play vid from beginning, of course.

Jeff Guinn
The [Westerners] present all kinds of theories, but we Muslims also have theories and brains. First, let's say that we go from here to Sharjah Airport and take a plane to China. Are you with me? Concentrate now. Let's say that this is the Earth, and let's assume that it is turning... If we take an international flight from Sharjah to China... You say that the Earth is turning, right? If the plane stopped in mid-air, wouldn't China come to it? Am I right or not? If the Earth really does turn - China should come to the plane.

Air France 447 ran that experiment.

Came out of the sky like a greased safe, ending up in the Atlantic right underneath where it stopped in mid-air.

Please try to keep up.

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