She Dropped Her Hat
Panic Sweeps Nation

Friday Ephemera

Cat kneads bread. || His garbage chute says no. || Action figure of note. || The future is now. || Beneath that old yellow varnish. || Assorted, temporary snow globes. || Samorost 3 is a game. || Why toenails and fingernails tend to grow at different rates. || His name is Lucas. || Some Soviet control rooms. || Michelin men of yesteryear. (h/t, Damian) || Mural of note. || Amanda Marcotte struggles with numbers. || Somewhat related. || Such lovely pantaloons. || Iceland has colour. || Meanwhile, in Madagascar. (h/t, Kate) || Planes, from above. || Bamboo bugs. (h/t, Julia) || Build your own 3D zoetrope. A project for the weekend. || A big fan of said devices. || Computer-generated jigsaw puzzles. || And finally, a strange object has been found, its origin and purpose still a total mystery.