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Lifted from the comments, an intriguing choice of adjective:

It's alarming  I tell you.

This discovery of general preference, some 71%, is not only deemed “alarming,” but also “startling,” and what’s more, it apparently constitutes a “masculinity crisis within the LGBTQ community.” Says a website quoting a magazine, the front cover of which looks like this

As Ted S notes in reply, “How dare you gays not like the type of man we think you should like!”

I realise it may be difficult to feel great concern for the kinds of people who base their worldviews on the high and noble teachings of the publications Attitude and Queerty, but still. The unstated contortion required to achieve the indignation that is now social currency – in this instance, a belief that not being aroused by overly effeminate men is obvious and damning proof of “misogynist attitudes” and “toxic masculinity” – is a thing to behold. We’re also informed - quite confidently, yet with no elaboration - that, “[Gay men] enjoy the privilege of being male in a patriarchal society that for some reason values our genitals way above a woman’s.”

Update, via the comments: 

The left does seem to spend an awful lot of time telling the rest of us who and what we should find attractive. As, for instance, when student activist and avowed “feminist killjoy” Josefin Hedlund vowed to correct our erotic preferences by steering us away from the “violent norms” of conventional attractiveness and agreeable personalities. Apparently, we should “resist” the “hetero- and cis-normative, patriarchal, capitalist, and hierarchical structures in society” by ogling porn featuring people we don’t fancy. And as when Laurie Penny complained that mild titillation should be shared out fairly, and be inspired by all body types, even ones that are hairy and lumpy in all the wrong places. Because a light-hearted Instagram page about attractive men and their pets has too many attractive men on it. And of course we mustn’t forget the immense, frustrated love machine, Mr Caleb Luna, who believes that men will be drawn magnetically to his unorthodox physique once they’ve been schooled in the politics of intersectional victimhood.