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January 17, 2018



As a summary of the interview, this is quite good.

In the interview, Newman relies on this technique [of perverse rephrasing] to a remarkable extent, making it a useful illustration of a much broader pernicious trend. Peterson was not evasive or unwilling to be clear about his meaning. And Newman’s exaggerated restatements of his views mostly led viewers astray, not closer to the truth…

One of the most important things this interview illustrates—one reason it is worth noting at length—is how Newman repeatedly poses as if she is holding a controversialist accountable, when in fact, for the duration of the interview, it is she that is “stirring things up” and “whipping people into a state of anger.”

There’s more.


Also interesting, Peterson speaks about his C4 experience"


David Taylor

So that graph... the two curves overlap, does that mean some people do and do not understand? Shouldn't it be just one curve with two humps? Perhaps my patriarchal brain is thinking of something else. Camels of course.


The video's going to hit a million views.

4.3 million.

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