Space Travel Is Patriarchy And Therefore Bad
Today’s Words Are Churlish And Vindictive

Friday Ephemera

This thing here. (h/t, dicentra) || I’m assuming that what we’re looking at isn’t food preparation. || A pleasing tense. || “Who would have known playing God could have such terrible consequences?” (h/t, Elephants Gerald) || Bridge Constructor Portal is a game. || Police dog entrances of note. || Liquor store parking. || Snow labyrinth. || Papa’s person is ringing; a mystery unfolds. || So many questions. || For 96 minutes. || Augmented climbing. || Making soap by hand. || “The highest standards of scholarly peer review.” || She does this better than you do. || Video title of note. || Tweeted riposte of note. || Underwater hiking trail, Brazil. || One More Brick is also a game. || This is one of these. || And finally, Dinosaur, a short film by Nathan, aged four, with a little help from his dad.