Things Fall From Her Mouth
I Do Hope There’ll Be Cake

Friday Ephemera

It was inevitable. || A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, 1785. || A compendium of Victorian magazines. (h/t, drb) || Oh Canada, what have you done? (h/t, Jon) || It just isn’t tricky enough unless it’s also on fire. || Experimental flight videos, over 400 of them. || The future is now. || Photo roulette. || A decade in the life of a Ukrainian park bench. || How to make a wooden knife. || It was the Nineties, everyone was doing it. || Dog and pony show. || Slow-mo sumo. || Tractor pull mishaps. || I don’t think he had a plan. || This is one of these. || That. || Jupiter. || Geometric tarts. || Cow eats mail. || Caterpillars. || Lord Paget and his leg. || And finally, as a warning to us all, a brief history of spermatorrhea, a beastly, life-threatening affliction caused by “abuse of the genital organs.”