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February 09, 2018


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thanks for the laughs. Tip jar has been hit. :-)


May your bananas never go from green to brown before you remember to eat them.


If they do go brown, you can always make banana bread. The more disgusting the banana, the better the bread.

This makes me want to make banana pudding Sunday.

William of Ockham


I can’t wait to see “her” smashing into actual women.


May you always find adequate parking.



May your bananas never go from green to brown before you remember to eat them.

Oh, and should note that next, too.

Hmmm. Twelve more and we'll be up for a booklet of weekly inspirational declarations. Add two more after that and all the rabbis can have David get added to a weekly Torah portion reading . . . !

Daniel Ream

why ARE there zillions of match-3 games? Are they particularly quick and easy to program?


I mean, I could go into the details but there's not much more to it than that. Video games, like movies, have always been plagued with Corman-esque knockoffs of whatever the market leader is.


I’ve found 3 that I enjoyed. One is Tales of the Orient, where you rebuild a destroyed village. (When I built them a giant lucky cat, I began to suspect they were taking shameless advantage of the foreign aid.). Secrets of Magic is a cute Halloween game. Snoopy Pop has you free those little yellow birds from “ Peanuts,” that are trapped in colored bubbles.

These 3 all have sonething in common: you can win. The several other match-3’s I tried and deleted all became so hard at about level 50 that they became tedious.


Regarding simple games, Bejewelled Blitz is one I used to enjoy before I left the FaceBorg. There's also Crush the Castle, which has blood (you use trebuchet's and varying forms of ammunition to knock down castles and kill all the residents...good clean fun!).

And then there's Vector TD, where alien things of differing properties run through a maze and the player sets up towers with different weapons platforms to blow up the baddies. The mazes go up in complexity as you progress.


Tip jar hit! Thank you!


Bless you, Heather. May your kitchen towel always be plentiful and remarkably absorbent.


good clean fun!

Some game recommendations here.


Happy thing day or week!


Some quids are traversing the ether in your general direction as I type. May the wine be dry, the cake moist.


May your hair always give an impression of effortless chic, even in a downpour, at 4am, after an indeterminate number of drinks.


A good blessing, thank you. That happens all the time.

David Taylor

I've been here long enough it was time to pay for a drink. Thanks for watching the horrible videos so we don't have to ;)

For the blog's birthday present here are some of Down Under's finest twatters getting eaten by their own:



The second of them came from this article: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/opinion/columnists/the-mocker/when-the-law-doesnt-apply/news-story/a823090e03b9c84dc0c609a8529e4f8e

Another account stood out due to the 'I love SMH' sticker: https://twitter.com/jennynoise . For those that don't know the SMH used to be a respectable broadsheet down here. A few years ago it switched to tabloid format and the content shortly followed suit. They are now nothing more than a progressive modern feminist blog with a thinly applied veneer of 'journalism' and as far as I can tell they just want to be The Grauniad. Their readership has plummeted along with the quality. They won't be missed.

My wife subscribed last year. I think the dissonance of a stay at home mother - whose extremely cushy lifestyle is only possible due to a member of the cishet white patriarchy - giving money to these right-on whingers was lost on her.


Thanks, and to all who’ve chipped in, or subscribed, or done shopping via the Amazon links. It’s much appreciated.

David Taylor

@Pogonip Australia is pretty good, although we're in a bit of a weird situation where we're both going too far down the US route (IMO) and have a noisy postmodern progressive crowd that is getting worse. But I think the populace as a whole are basically centrists who are not happy about either of those things.

I think it is probably one of the easiest places to live, if not the most exciting or interesting. And christ it's a long way from anywhere else you'd want to go.

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