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March 03, 2018



Oh, dear ...

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Oh, dear ...

The sad part is all those twits in the audience rushing up to video the fracas on their damn cameras instead of grabbing the masked idiots and tossing them through the nearest exit. Whatever happened to the old "put the boot in" ?


Saw this over at Insty: http://time.com/4717158/french-artist-eggs-abraham-poincheval/

Aside from the "performance art" aspect of this stunt, he's got the science all wrong. Human normal body temp is 98.6 F. Chickens have a body temp around 104 F. You can't give yourself a fever by putting on a blanket. The blanket just traps that 98.6 F and lessens the amount of it that is lost to the surrounding cooler air. But his understanding of the science is about as good as that famous climate scientist Al Gore so he's in good company :P

I need a drink.


Oh... the irony of a man with a sign blocking a female speaker and telling her to shutup!! & get out...cuz she's the fascist

Farnsworth M Muldoon

The proper way to deal with these idiots demonstrated.


Somewhere along the line, I must have ticked off Shannon Watts cuz I'm blocked ... but others have been so kind as to screenshot her utter depravity

Spiny Norman

Depraved is a good word for her, Darleen, (I'd probably go with something a bit more crude), but I'd wager her sociology and gender studies professors are beaming with pride.


There’s been an awful lot of cock in this thread.

Of course, we need to keep things quite in balance, so we also need to have some


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