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If you missed it in the comments, here’s a little creepiness from schools in British Columbia

When [parent] Kansas Field Allen heard about the posters, she was shocked. She asked her son to take photos of them so she could post about it on social media and get feedback from her peers. “I’d say 95 per cent of the people are in favour of having the posters taken down, and that’s from all races,” Field Allen said.

The posters in question, which appear across the school district, include this one:

Seed that guilt for later payoff.

And note,

The project was never communicated to parents.

And so parents only discovered the campaign – which asserts that white pupils are complicit in an “invisible system of privilege” - when their children began complaining about it. And note too that, despite Ms Downs’ theatrical confession that she, like all pale-skinned beings, has “unfairly benefited” from her “white privilege,” albeit in ways that aren’t made clear, she hasn’t seen fit to resign from her presumably unearned position as Superintendent of Schools.

Regarding an unearned sense of entitlement, it occurs to me that the people with grading leverage, official status and other institutional backup, including access to taxpayers’ earnings, and who presume to be the unilateral arbiters of “privilege” – resulting in campaigns of racial shaming aimed at other people’s children and without parents’ knowledge or consent – these creatures might also have some “privilege” worthy of scrutiny.

But maybe that’s just me.