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Those Aren’t Load-Bearing Arguments

They’re just for display purposes

How dare you point out my errors.

Ms Peheakoe’s Twitter feed is much as you’d imagine. Via Rafi.

Update, via the comments:

And in case anyone wants to believe that such mental contortion is merely a fringe activity and therefore irrelevant, here’s Janice Fiamengo on the Mao-ling mentality and its Clown Quarter enablers:

Considerations other than truth are now paramount at the university... What does it say about a group of privileged young people, one of the most privileged generations in world history, that their first recourse – their first recourse – is to violence?

Do watch the video for examples of the “disordered moral universe,” as Fiamengo puts it, of the Mao-lings’ campus enablers, and for the masked she-Mao-ling whose, um, thoughts enliven the opening of the film.

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