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You Just Can’t Please Some People

A North Carolina State University sociology instructor contends that vegan and vegetarian men are guilty of “upholding the gender binary” and perpetuating “white masculinity.”

Imagine my surprise

Meatless Meals and Masculinity was written by Mari Mycek, a doctoral candidate and teaching assistant in the NCSU sociology department, who argues that vegan and vegetarian men have reclaimed their “previously-stigmatised consumption identity” to wield power over women by framing their lifestyle as a rational, rather than emotional, choice.

It seems like an awful lot of trouble to go to, personally. But as we’ve seen so many times, the contrived agonising must never end. Especially for woke sociology lecturers who wish to remind the world of their own Brahmin status in the progressive pecking order.  


And so, based on a tiny, loaded sample - 20 vegan and vegetarian men, whose explanations of their dietary choices are arbitrarily labelled as masculine and therefore bad – we’re supposed to agree with Ms Mycek’s conclusion. A conclusion that sounds somewhat predestined, as if it were arrived at long before any research, or parody of research, actually took place. Namely, that, if a man - a white man - explains why he’s chosen not to eat meat, then this is driven by the dastardly urge to maintain “a gender hierarchy and structures of power and inequality.”

Because a chickpea-heavy diet is the obvious way to oppress women.

And note the implication that, while men, at least white ones, are scheming and “performative” in their explanations by employing rational arguments, women are apparently incapable of doing the same. As noted before, it’s interesting how the most condescending depictions of women often come from feminists.

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