I Got Nuthin’
Elsewhere (270)

Friday Ephemera

A compendium of intriguing hairy stumps. || The customer is always right. || Automated cat noises. || The thrill of carrots. || Suboptimal driving conditions. || Diversity on demand. (h/t, Jonathan) || She’s an academic. || Returner 77 is a game. || The Room: Old Sins is also a game. || Good deed. || The Great Wall of China, in fog. || He fell well. || “Women’s art.” || “Postqualitative research.” || Riposte of note. || “Will there be construction equipment to move the heavy parts?” || His tiny worlds are more detailed than yours. || More BBC sound effects than you could shake a stick at. || New Zealand does not exist. || Four seasons in the life of a small Finnish island. || To reignite hope, or failing that, to shorten the fall. || And finally, refreshingly, the eternal quest for sambuca.