Her Name Is Amanda
Friday Ephemera

Public Servant

Apparently, we live in post-satirical times:

According to [Rochester City Court Judge, Leticia] Astacio, the raise was deserved and the media are “biased” in their reporting on her because they are “racist.” “Why’s my name in the headlines?” she asked via Facebook. “You’re mad because I’m a young minority getting paid.”

While poking through the news coverage, readers may entertain other, perhaps more obvious reasons for interest in Ms Astacio’s career and taxpayer-funded compensation, as when the words “parole violations” and “alcohol ankle monitor” make an appearance. And do watch Ms Astacio’s Facebook video, in which she mentions, at some length, how “inspirational” she is to those less statusful than herself, while applying generous amounts of lip balm, before asking her critics, “What makes you feel so entitled?”