A Reminder Of Things Lost
The Small Matter Of The Bar Tab (2)

Friday Ephemera

Indecisive motorist of note. || When tumbleweed attacks. || Underwater choreography. || “Cultural appreciation.” || What your tongue does when you talk. || Did Thanos kill you? || Incoming, duck. || Crushing crayons in a hydraulic press. || Hercules and Arnold fight over dung. || Sour dill pickle gummy gherkin. It’s warty, got girth and tastes of dill. || Lake traffic, Myanmar. || Some good grapes, man. || Gorgeous Teacher, 1965. Hormones, hotties and “Holy mackerel.” || Silent, kinetic sand-drawing machine. || Not, I think, moving at maximum speed. || Heather Mac Donald on campus psychodrama. || Little people. || Giants. || Snap. || Buddhist temples of note. || Before and after, 1906. || Tim Newman on toxic feminism. || And finally, from far away, here’s a snowstorm on a comet.