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The Laurie Penny Chronicles

Following a number of enquiries as to why I don’t have a specific tag for items involving the cartoonish Laurie Penny, I thought I’d compile a few of my posts on the British left’s foremost unreliable narrator. It’s necessarily incomplete – there are several short posts and endless, lengthy comments I haven’t included – but it should convey a flavour of Laurie’s intermittent relationship with reality, her ongoing struggles with logic, and her delightful personality. 

The Penny Hasn’t Dropped. Laurie’s world is a heteronormative police state that’s brutal, intolerant and also on fire. 

Sparkly Bits. Laurie rails against the menace of pubic glitter.

Worth Every Penny. Arts Council-funded dirt relocation is, we’re told, vital for “social progress.”

Don’t Be So Mean To The Titans Of Tomorrow. Laurie hearts Occupy. It’s a “new world order.”

Architects of Tomorrow. Ms Penny succumbs to brain fever. Huge chunks of rhetoric fall from the sky.

It’s A Fascist Groove Thang. Leftist students indulge in thuggery. Laurie lies about it.

Flatter, Mythologize, Rinse, Repeat. In which we learn that Laurie is marginalised, “marked as other,” and also a cyborg.

Never Knowingly Understated. Expectations of coherence are “a great way of shutting down dissent,” says Laurie.

She Leans. Laurie tells us that she “leans towards anarcho-communism.” And so your money is actually hers.

Lifestyle Advice. Laurie shares her deep knowledge of marriage. You may want to bite down on something.

Think of it as a snapshot, a psychological profile, a cautionary tale.