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The New Rules

Friday Ephemera

Meme history. Do scroll down. || Mapping hell. || Where Canadians live. || On the relativistic addition of velocity. And yes, there will be a test. || Oh dear, bad luck. || Barbed wire telephony. || Today’s word is inadvisable. || Time-lapsing Everest. || Windy valley. || “Roads designed by men are killing women,” says the Guardian. || Small, portable gardens. || Good deed. || “Fantastic Forty.” || First Man. || How to run on all fours. Because apparently it’s a thing now. || Free scarf, small catch. || What’s inside a cat? || “It’s precisely the sort of danger that people who are really looking for trouble would push.” || A niche enthusiasm. || Signage of note. (h/t, Obo) || And finally, informatively, how to bake potatoes.