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The New Rules

Everything is racist. Just confess, for God’s sake.

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So, to summarise. If you dismiss people based solely on their skin colour, that’s racist. But if you don’t dismiss people based solely on their skin colour, that’s racist too. Having a family dinner on Columbus Day is an act of “covert white supremacy,” and loaning money to people who are likely to repay you, as opposed to those who aren’t, is also racist and proof of “white supremacy.” If you have reservations about unlimited immigration, that’s racist. If you suggest that non-white people can be racist, that’s racist. If you fail to be outraged by so-called “cultural appropriation,” that’s racist. And if you dare to argue that you aren’t in fact racist, that’s racist too.

Oh, and if you don’t instantly believe whatever a brown-skinned person says, anything at all, however improbable - including the demented conspiracy theories of one Dr Dwight Turner - then obviously you’re seething with “unconscious racism.”