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July 20, 2018




Farnsworth M Muldoon

Popcorn-powered robots.

Origami actuator...The researchers used recycled Newman’s Own Organic Popcorn bags to make their origami actuators...

OK. So these geniuses noticed from popping popcorn, that popping popping corn in an expandable container will cause it to expand. Mind blowing.

It’s certainly true that you could do most of these things completely reversibly by using air instead of popcorn. But, using air involves a bunch of other complicated hardware, while the popcorn only needs to be heated to work.

I see. So instead of "complicated hardware" like a fan/blower or compressor (which can be made as small as a watch), all you need is something simple like a heater that can heat the kernels to about 400F, and hope there are neither insects, rodents, or stoned students around.

Cornell - with cutting edge research like this, who says the Ivy league schools are overrated ?


Well, other than THAT...

Farnsworth M Muldoon

You can't argue with her logic.


Makes sense to me.

Has anybody been following the Russia kerfuffle? Is there anything to it other than the Hillaryites being poor losers? I admit to not understanding why improved relations with the other nuclear power are a Bad Thing. I also do not understand how, even if they were interested in doing so, the Russians could possibly screw up Our Democracy more than our moral and intellectual betters already have.

On the way home our carpool driver had the news on and by the time we got back I was getting frightened. Some of the Hillaryites seem to be trying to gin up a war. (Great timing—if they start up now they can invade Russia this winter!). What do you all at the end of the bar think?


I want to go on record as being unequivocally against war with nuclear powers.


You had me at Pachelbel and rubber chicken.

Spiny Norman

Iowahawk launches hashtag twitter storm against a non-existent person. Hilarity ensues .

Social media is an electronic schoolyard, in every negative manner possible.

R. Sherman

Via Ace's ONT, an article about Jordan Peterson, which demonstrates a new attack. Specifically, we should ignore him because the concept of "genius" is reserved for males and thus somehow diminishes the rest of academe in ways that are left ill-defined. That is, we should deal with Peterson's ideas, because . . . reasons, which reasons presumably make us feel bad in some also ill-defined way. N.B. the mischaracterization of his views on trans-rights and feminism.

I did laugh at the author's invocation of "contract faculty," i.e. "adjuncts," as evidence for her thesis, such as it is. The fact that adjuncts exist in such numbers and are virtual slave labor is the direct result of leftist administrations and tenured faculty, a substantial chunk of which are women, making sure that their own nests are appropriately feathered. Socialism and workers' rights are all well and good as long as it's some Fortune 500 company being implicated, don'tcha know.

(FWIW, while I like Peterson, I wouldn't call him a "genius." Rather, he simply has the huevos to articulate what to most of those of us outside of academia and the far left industrial complex find intuitively obvious.)

Monty James

The largest muzzleloading black powder firearm ever built.


Feminist logic.



Morning, all.

Rather, he simply has the huevos to articulate what to most of those of us outside of academia and the far left industrial complex find intuitively obvious.

That is, I think, the chief basis for his popularity. It’s not the stuff about Jung or Solzhenitsyn, or the archetypes and metaphors of Pinocchio. It’s the fact that, by politely stating reasonable positions about familiar issues and being attacked for it, immediately and often vehemently, he reveals just how far the dogmatic vanities of leftism depart from reality. He reveals the shocking narrowness of the progressive Overton Window.

Feminist logic.

Is it Diabetes Awareness Week?

See also this.


"Feminist logic."

Astonishing! They've trained guide dogs to tell you when to wolf whistle!


"Because all houseplants need robotic legs. "

Affordable versions of this. THAT'S that Elon Musk should be working on!


Affordable versions of this.

I think the problem with plant mobility is that, like cats and dogs, they’d always be round the neighbours being fussed over and pampered:

“Didn’t you have a big cheese plant in here?”
“It’s round at number 32. She’s got some Baby Bio.”


Pachelbel’s Canon played on a rubber chicken.

The primary proof that MS Pisspoint has zero to do with actual presentation of actual information, that anyone claiming otherwise is equally inept and useless.


Oh, that black-supremacist-UFO-cult.

And the Award for Most Fashionable UFO Cult Goes to . . .

Farnsworth M Muldoon

See also this.

In today's exciting episode of "Things That Never Happened"...

...my eye caught sight of a little girl in a red tank top and denim overalls watching me.

I waved at her, and she returned my gesture with the biggest grin.

“You’re pretty,” she whispered.

I realized in that moment, it had all been worth it. I had been seen.

"I had been seen".

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

I wish my smartphone had a better camera.


Cornell - with cutting edge research like this, who says the Ivy league schools are overrated ?

Check out the history of MIT pranks.


A link:


I wish my smartphone had a better camera.

Is it Bigfoot?

Farnsworth M Muldoon

I hate to break it to her but...

...The Colonel and Al Copeland (founder of Popeye's), not to mention George Church of Church's Chicken, are all noted People of Pallor.


Houseplants with robotic legs.

Now all it needs is a weapon of some kind, maybe a whip like thing that smacks you in the eyes. Seems familiar somehow.


Empowered women. Not demented at all.

Via Dicentra.


Empowered women. Not demented at all.

Jesus wept.


Jesus wept.

It’s the image of this supposedly empowered leader of women, this self-declared “disruptor” and “badass single mom” - a Valkyrie of the Resistance – vomiting hysterically and weeping on the bathroom floor just because her preferred candidate lost an election.

It doesn’t exactly cry leadership material.


I hate to break it to her but...

Is it possible, hope does spring eternal after all, that she's an American Godfrey Elfwick?

No, probably not, Godfrey did conjugate his verbs correctly, part of his white privilege no doubt.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Empowered women. Not demented at all.

From the same mess, two more exciting episodes of "Things That Never Happened", one featuring Woke Toddler™.


two more exciting episodes of “Things That Never Happened”, one featuring Woke Toddler™.

If “one of the worst nights of [her] life” was a preferred candidate losing an election, I’d say that this drama-seeking bint has been luckier than she knows, or seems willing to admit.


. . . . ...The Colonel and . . .

Reminds me of the news of the Spice Girls and seven guys all named Herbert being in a small plane crash on a chicken farm.

There weren't any survivors, even the chickens got barbecued with the eleven different Herbs and Spices.

Smallish Bees

That lemon had a certain Attack of the Killer Tomatoes vibe.



I couldn’t stop shaking after David gave me a credit note instead of a refund. How, how, how will I tell my kid? How can I go on in a world where white patriarchal heterosexual—oops, sorry, got my cliches wrong—white patriarchal homosexual capitalists issue oppressive credit notes and blah blah blah blah isn’t there a $35 workshop for this blah blah blah blah I just can’t even blah blah blah blah

Richard Wattis

I'm a white woman and I'd never set foot in KFC because I respect black people and their culture

It's the fast food version of Steve Sailer's strategy of rebranding Democrats as the black party

My suggestion: the only long-term option for the Republicans, the de facto white party, is to rebrand the Democrats as the de facto black party ... not to criticize the Democrats for being the vehicle of African-American political activism, but to praise them for it, over and over, in the most offhand "everybody-knows" ways. ... Don`t argue it. Just treat it as a given. Moreover, Republican rhetoric should encourage feelings of proprietariness among blacks toward their Democratic Party...


Someone should tell her that in any way connecting black people with fried chicken is RACIST!

Also, KFC is a disgrace to American cuisine. Go to Popeye’s.

Governor Squid

Don't argue it. Just treat it as a given.

This begs the question as to the Dems being the Black Party.


NORMAL PERSON TO BLACK COLLEAGUE FROM AFRICA: Hey, we’re ordering fried chicken from Popeye’s, you want anything?

SJW: Racist!

IMMIGRANT: Are you serious? You fry CHICKENS here?



Not sure if this belongs on the previous thread re kinky or just a general ephemera...can there be a singular ephemera? Whatevs...

Man arrested for allegedly killing co-worker by forcing compressed air up his buttocks

Hey, it happens...

An incident of this nature isn’t exactly unheard of in Japan.

Two men working at a waste disposal factory accidentally killed their co-worker after poking him in the buttocks with an air compressor in December 2017, the Asia Times reported. Both were reportedly arrested on assault charges.

A Kyoto student died on Jan. 1 after being poked in the rear with an air-duster blower.

Japan’s Self-Defense Forces have also been a culprit of the prank. Air compressor-inflicted injuries have sent several to the hospital with serious wounds.


Governor Squid

From the writer obsessing over writers obsessing over Dr. Peterson: We need to reject this cult of the masculine genius. If we want a thriving intellectual culture, we need to start valuing all academic labour and forms of inquiry...we need to demand that politicians and administrators value and economically support a diversity of voices inside universities.

Given the flimsy, self-serving argument presented, one is tempted to assert that Ms. Garrison's academic labour is valued overmuch already. What's worse, the articles she links in her little cri de coeur are even more laughable than her original assertion. The first is a self-serving article in The New Republic deliberately overlooking any instances where females and/or non-scientists are branded with the label of "genius", thus 'proving' that it's a sexist term. Next, an academic article showing that female professors spend more hours on "service" than their male counterparts. It offers no examination as to causes or reasons, simply assuming that females are 'saddled' with these duties disproportionately, as opposed to finding these activities more pleasant or fulfilling.

Then there's the link to the study on "underemployed" workers by major, where underemployment is defined as taking a job without a degree requirement. Again, no examination of the extent to which different fields of study are wont to grant degrees to underqualified students. No consideration of whether credentialism is significant in particular industries -- just the assertion that Literature majors are in demand because most of them find credentialed work of some sort.

I suppose that unsupported assertions and articles proffered as evidence when they have no evidentiary value shouldn't surprise me any more, but I confess that I still find this sort of thing dismaying. Little wonder that a scholar like Dr. Peterson so effortlessly runs circles around these people.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Outrageously outrage du jour, Starbucks puts an oil rig on a Colorado themed coffee mug.

"An oil rig doesn't represent Colorado. Colorado is colorful; Colorado is scenic. An oil rig represents the dangers to our children's health; it represents the dangers to our air; it represents the dangers to our landscape," said Susan Noble, who co-founded North Range Concerned Citizens, which represents Commerce City residents opposed to drilling near neighborhoods.

The outrage has also boiled over on Twitter, where people used the hashtag #oilandgasisnotcolorado to call out Starbucks.

Of course it did.

Damn mug was probably designed by Allegra Budenmayer and made by Rampit Capital.

Sonny Wayze

"we need to start valuing all academic labour and forms of inquiry"

I'll just note that xhe is only concerned about 'academic' inquiry and labour.

Me? I'm concerned about the inquiry and labour of whoever is inspecting and working on my brakes...


Poor old Pachabel.


David, since I can’t stop shaking, how about paying me to dance on the table?


I suppose that unsupported assertions and articles proffered as evidence when they have no evidentiary value shouldn’t surprise me any more,

Ideological lockstep tends to blunt the senses, resulting in the kinds of preening idiocy that we’ve been laughing at for the last decade or so. And the more that the Clown Quarter’s inhabitants insist on their pivotal role in the unfolding of the cosmos, on account of all the critical thinking they allegedly do, the less reason there is to suppose that what they claim is true.


since I can’t stop shaking,

[ Hands Pogonip a jar of pickled eggs, watches it jiggle. ]

It’s good to agitate the brine every few weeks.


@ 8:21: The same logic therefore must be applied to other things.

Hammers, for example, are useless for building, since some people mash their thumbs with them instead. Out with hammers, then! All carpenters - you're "inept and useless" for using such a tool; find something else instead to drive nails with.

Paper and ink are used to print useless or even harmful stuff, like most newspapers. Out with those, then! Back to engraving using a stylus on a clay tablet.

Say, computers are useless too, since certain people - notably those for whom The Curia is the single source of all goodness and truth - use them for dumb arguments like that one.


Hmmph. I just can’t even.


Boy, talk about someone getting their comeuppance...



two more exciting episodes of “Things That Never Happened”

"My ex-husband called me that night around 2am because he knew how devastated I would be."

Lol. He sounds like one of the good ones. Wonder why it didn't work out?


On-leave, effective immediately.

So she’s rude to the neighbor and gets paid time off? Nice gif.






Richard Cranium
Say, computers are useless too, since certain people - notably those for whom The Curia is the single source of all goodness and truth - use them for dumb arguments like that one.

Now I have to clean beer from my monitor in a conservative fashion.


Pajama Boy throws a tantrum.


“The woman contended that police had no basis to make comments about her possible mental health issues.”

She should fit right in when she relocates to Saudi Arabia.


"Pajama Boy throws a tantrum."

*wipes tea off keyboard*


When lefties have to live by the new rules of the left.


"When lefties have to live by the new rules of the left."

When there's a new set of rules before the last set have dried on the paper it's so easy to slip up.

Poor dears must get awfully confused.

The point I guess....

Farnsworth M Muldoon

It is time for art again as our old friend Miss Dr. Victoria Bateman uses it to explain feminism and economics as only she can.

All I can say is y'all over there in the UK need to make your bank notes bigger.

Governor Squid

It would appear that Dr. Bateman has put on a few pounds since last we visited.


Toxic masculinity on parade.


Small appliance report: we got a new toaster. It toasts.


My dad and I watched the moon landing on TV.


"It toasts"

The act of toasting bread perfectly enacts the heterodominant oppression in society. The bread - the masculine penis - is inserted into the toaster slot - undefended and incapable of self-defense - purely for the pleasure of the toastee/rapist. The removal of the toasted bread is the ultimate act of toxic masculinity: In a malicious irony, it comes out hard and stiff while the toaster cools, alone, forgotten, its needs ignored.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Chester Draws

You left out the colour of the bread Adam.

The *white* bread is inserted ...

Toast bread is rather clearly straight, white, European and, therefore, a symbol of the Patriarchy.


The *white* bread is inserted...

Some days I think I should just bugger off and leave you heathens to it.

Herbert T. Gillis

White Food

The most thorough article on the white-bread wars is a long 2011 academic essay by Aaron Bobrow-Strain entitled White bread bio-politics: purity, health, and the triumph of industrial baking. It starts off with an abstract that touches all the postmodern lit theory bases:

Building on Michel Foucault’s work on bio-politics, it shows how notions of food safety dependent on discourses of purity, contagion, hygiene, and vitality inevitably constitute lines of exclusion and social hierarchy, even as they are used to mobilize ‘progressive’ social change.

But Bobrow-Strain’s article includes a key statistic. In 1890,

…bread was the country’s single most important food and 90 per cent of it was baked in homes by women. By [1930], bread was still the country’s number one food, but 94 per cent of it was baked outside the home by men.

To American women looking for relief from their endless homemaking duties, the invention of sliced bread in 1928 was the greatest thing since, well…since the invention of wrapped bread in 1915, which allowed consumers to buy bread never touched by (no doubt diseased) human hands.

But if you aren’t going to make your family’s sandwiches from bread you baked yourself and from sausages you ground yourself, how do you know your baker and butcher aren’t just, say, tossing in dead cockroaches they swept up off the floor? What if the factory is adding strong flavors to cover up filler? How can you tell that your delicious store-bought dark rye bread isn’t infected with the brownish-purple ergot of rye mold, which can cause the neurological disorder St. Vitus’s Dance?

One solution favored by some immigrant groups was to rely upon a trusted neighborhood delicatessen with famously high standards. The ethnic deli method was especially popular with cultures that traditionally endorsed complicated food taboos that made it difficult to share a convivial meal with outsiders. Of course, it also tended to exacerbate immigrant ethnocentrism, making them nervous when they dined away from their home turf, as when Alvy Singer tries to eat an Easter ham with Annie Hall’s family.

In contrast, the Pure Foods Movement that WASP ladies (many of whom were also in the temperance struggle) started after the Civil War sought to find remedies for their more open and mobile culture. One was federal regulation: The coalition finally succeeded in passing the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906 after the publication of Upton Sinclair’s muckraking The Jungle.

Another tactic was favoring lighter-colored and lighter-flavored foodstuffs that were harder to pollute.

And it worked. A scientist wrote in 1926 of trends in bread, “To all appearances…the general public is continuing in its belief (justified both by the bacteriological count and the microscopic examination) that whiteness or creamy whiteness is a sign of cleanness.”


I’ve been a trustee, and now I’ve been promoted to toastee!

Adam, do you by any chance work at a college?

Spiny Norman


Also, KFC is a disgrace to American cuisine.

It's a disgrace to Harlan Sanders. I'm old enough to remember when he still owned the company, and would make surprise inspections at his franchisees. If things were not to his liking, he'd shut them down until they were. His accountants convinced him to sell out to Pepsico, and things started going downhill immediately. The food served at "KFC" is nothing like what Kentucky Fired Chicken used to be.

Go to Popeye’s.

The local Popeye's is a popular hangout for teenaged riff-raff and gangsta wannabes. The last time I went there, I assume one of the riff-raff's girlfriends was working the register that night, because the riff-raff and his "homies" were sitting at the nearest table, glaring, apparently monitoring her so that no one talked to her about anything but the order. Once I'd made my order, and moved away from the counter, they did not take their eyes off me the entire time. I haven't been back.

Spiny Norman



The old Colonel once referred to Pepsico's KFC instant mashed potatoes and canned gravy as "wallpaper paste and used motor oil". In the old days, every new employee's first job there was peeling and boiling potatoes, and the gravy was made fresh every day. The difference was immediately obvious. My mother was NOT happy with the change.


Well, when you think about it, at some point back in the mists of time, all these chain restaurants had an ur-restaurant that was popular enough to begin expanding.

Sonny Wayze

"I'm a white woman and I'd never set foot in KFC because I respect blacks people and their culture....Just a thought"

No, I don't think thought was involved.


So, like now we’re supposed to believe black people invented fried chicken? Where did the chicken come from? Who owns the rights to what domesticated live stock? Do the Chinese get to keep all of the spices? If someone 20-30-40 years ago predicted (and I’m sure someone did) these sorts of arguments would come up in the future, they would have been dismissed as an idiot or racist.


Today’s word is gratitude.


Bosch progress report. The midpoint of season three is almost in sight.


BTW, not sure Pepsico is to blame as they didn't acquire the business until well after Col. Sanders' death in 1980. Sanders had sold the company to John Y. Brown and a partner in 1964, who kept the old man around for image and quality control purposes. Then in 1971 Brown sold the company to the Connecticut-based Heublein. I'm guessing that's when the paste and motor oil entered the picture. Heublein sold to RJ Reynolds in 1982 which then sold it to Pepsico in 1986. That is if you can believe Wiki.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

BTW, not sure Pepsico is to blame as they didn't acquire the business until well after Col. Sanders' death in 1980.

Speaking of The Colonel's death...

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Dwayne Elizondo Herbert Mountain Dew Camacho.


Govenor Squid, that my friend is Champagne Comedy.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Some days I think I should just bugger off and leave you heathens to it.

I thought that's what the open threads were for.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

I think I've posted it before, but there was a time before Col. Sanders was immediately recognizable on sight.


Today’s word is gratitude.

I'm old enough to remember when part of the ransom demands for Patty Hearst was for her family to deliver free food to poor people ... who, when huge crowds showed up for the free stuff decided to riot. I remember vividly some person quoted as saying that crackers and cheese were insulting because she was sure the Hearsts "don' eat no crackers and cheese".


They did, but it was $1,000-a-pound cheese. 😄🧀

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