How Dare You Not Feel Oppressed
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Friday Ephemera

A stolen credit card, a convenience store and a getaway that doesn’t go quite to plan. (h/t, Gary) || The sizes of penises. Avert your eyes, ladies. || Look at these lovely kitchens instead. || Disney’s robot stunt doubles. || The basics, explained. || An airbag for your phone. || Meanwhile, at the Bolshoi. || Kindness of note. || Photographs of note. || Explore phantom islands. (h/t, Things) || Hardcore joinery. (h/t, Franklin) || He reviews sidewalks so you don’t have to. || Today’s word is testicondy. || Unrelated. || Not actually what it says. || Whoa, whoa! Be careful, dad! || Dispute of note. || How to operate your dining table. || Ride. || And finally, a tale of ambition and madness. His wife only wanted a potato storage pit.