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Friday Ephemera

Milking Those Intersectional Teats

Are you neurotic, insecure, easily preyed upon? Or maybe just pretentious and desperate to participate in some fashionable agonising? If so, this exclusive online seminar - So… You Have White Guilt. What Now? - is just the thing for you. During the seminar, you’ll be taught how to “avoid acting out the guilty, white stereotype” by “channelling” your white guilt “through a healthy and productive anti-racist stance.” Provided, that is, you already have the all-important “white guilt,” without which no channelling can occur:   

You’ll receive guidance that will help you cultivate a “both/and” mindset that will allow you to hold the tension of being complicit with racism and white supremacy while simultaneously cultivating a healthy, white anti-racist identity.

Yes, all this and more can be yours. But first you must confess. And hand over $35.

We’ve been here before, of course