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Wingsuits and a cloud tunnel, above Toogoolawah, Australia. || Elephant Rock, Iceland. || It’s a head-scratcher. || Sea slugs and stolen venom. || Today’s word is inevitable. || Cuttings from the Clown Quarter, #3,096. || For Martian coin collectors. || A map of corruption. || A museum of web design. (h/t, Coudal) || Behold this year’s finalists in World Championship Death Diving. || Dubai’s desert highways. || On the edge(s) of the Universe. || 2001 in tweet form. (h/t, Things) || Spare arms. || Smoothly done, Mr Burke. || Heh. || How to keep the cat downstairs. || Yes, it sagged and was prone to melting, but on the upside, it was easy to lift when hoovering. || And finally, a crafty peek at a butterfly’s genitalia.


Farnsworth M Muldoon

Damn white supremacists and their symbols.

Black Ball

But facilities manager Peter Wearne said the MCC was taking action to ensure footy fans could indulge their passion, guilt free, right when it matters most.

I don't care about being carbon neutral, get me a pie and shut up.

Darleen Click

But if you want real TDS check out the comments on the WaPo article he links.

I rarely read Jeff Bezos' hobby site any more and never the comments - I spend enough covering my grey streaks as it is. ;-)

It was enough to read people on Twitter discounting her husband's defense by saying "Well, there WERE Nazi Jews so her being Jewish doesn't count" to know that these people will never be convinced -- even a mule can be persuaded by a 2x4 -- not these people.

Some are genuinely in the grips of religious zealotry, others are lying sacks of meat who are driving this for their own agenda.

Sam Duncan

If you see someone giving a baby the the Wiggly Fingers of Cthulu, denounce them immediately.


Darleen, is a Clue-by-Four similar to a LART?

Daniel Ream

is a Clue-by-Four similar to a LART?

System error: hit any user to continue

I thank God every day I got into DevOps and out of sysadminning.

Sam Duncan

The Clown Quarter is nothing new:

“Isabel was a very recognisable American type, the over-achiever who passes every exam with flying colours and starts spouting total nonsense once there are no further lecture notes to take.”

“By the 1960s, she was living on a self-invented mixture of mashed-up Hershey bars dissolved in milk and brewer’s yeast.”

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