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One for Tim Newman, I think:

My friend Bear identifies as someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder (often erroneously referred to as multiple personality disorder) which is integral to how and why they practice polyamory. They say, “I don’t have any illusion one person could meet all my personalities’ needs. We are very different. Different tastes, different hobbies, different things which make us happy.”

As I’ve said before, readers may wish to ponder why a publication aimed at fierce, empowered feminists – would-be remakers of the world - should presume that much of its readership has quite serious mental health issues


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Tim has some thoughts.


Boatswain's Mate

And now I made you turn a page.

I denounce myself. I'll just grab my hat.

Spiny Norman

Ya got me, ye knave. (>_<)

Rich Rostrom

I am reminded of an old SF story, about a future society where everyone is one of two personas of a split personality, switching personas is done on a regular schedule, and the two personas of a body have independent lives, including marriages and jobs.

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